Criminal Justice Minor

(All colleges)

21 credits

SOC 324Criminal Justice3
Group 1: Sociology electives
Select six credits of the following:6
Law and Society
Surveillance and Society
Corrections and Penology
Sociology of Mental Illness
Social Psychology
Restorative Justice
Human Rights Policing
Race, Gender, and Crime
Sociology of Deviance
Group 2: Political science/public administration electives
Select six credits of the following:6
State and Local Government
The American Legal System
Law, Governance and Politics
Judicial Process
Constitutional Law IV: Rights of the Accused
Constitutional Law V: Right to Life
Constitutional Law VI: Criminal Procedure
Contemporary Issues in Government
Public Policy
Group 3: Interdisciplinary electives
Select three credits of the following:3
Geographic Information System and Science II
Violence and Injury Prevention
Money and Crime
Crime and Punishment in America
Ethical Theory and Practice
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology
Psychology and Law
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
Addictive Behaviors
Violence and Gender
Sexual and Racial Violence in the United States
Identity-Based Violence Prevention
Group 4: Additional electives
Select three additional credits from an elective listed above or from the following:3
Internship in Criminal Justice
Internship in Criminal Justice
Total Credits21

A maximum of three credits may be counted toward the fulfillment of the criminal justice minor and the sociology major.