Liberal Studies Program (LS)

Liberal Studies career courses
Housed in the Department of Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

RGSS Department Chair: Terry Lilley
4302 Centennial Hall; 608.785.8737


LS 200 Cr.1

Career Exploration and Planning

This course is designed for students who are undecided or unclear of the benefits of a specific major. Students will explore how their values, interests, and abilities help define their major and career choices. Students will explore particular careers and learn what skills, knowledge, and aptitudes are necessary for success in those fields. Students will also explore the skills, knowledge, and aptitudes developed within particular majors. Students will learn about resources on campus and in the community that will help in exploring careers and building resumes. Emphasis will be placed on evaluating different major and minor combinations to best fit ideal career goals. Prerequisite: open to degree-seeking second semester freshmen and sophomores. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

LS 300 Cr.1

Career Preparation in Liberal Studies

This course is designed for juniors and seniors who will be graduating within the year who will be on the job hunt or applying to graduate school. The course is designed to help students learn about career options; explore specific jobs; evaluate their skills, abilities, and values and how this plays into the job search; prepare for internships/jobs including resumes, cover letters, and interviewing; and learn where and how to apply for jobs and/or graduate programs. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.