Gerontology Program (GTL)

College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities
Coordinators: Ellen Rozek, Ph.D. and Erica Srinivasan, Ph.D. (Psychology)
335 Graff Main Hall; 608.785.8440

Program statement

The gerontology certificate is a multi-disciplinary program designed to assist students planning to enter career-related areas directly involving older persons. The study of gerontology will also help students prepare for their own aging as well as to develop a better understanding of and to seek enrichment for the lives of aging parents and our aging populations.

Gerontology certificate applicable to college core

If a student declares the gerontology certificate, it will appear on the student's transcript and advisement report. As an undergraduate certificate, gerontology coursework counts toward a student's 120 credits and can overlay with required courses in the major and the minor. In order for gerontology to apply on a college core in place of a minor, the student must complete at least 18 credits outside of their major. For College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities students, 12 of the credits must be at the 300/400 level; for BS students from the College of Science and Health, 18 credits at 300/400 level credits; for BA students from the College of Science and Health, 15 credits at 300/400 level.

Gerontology Steering Committee

The Gerontology Steering Committee recommends standards for recognition of undergraduate student work in gerontology including the gerontology certificate. The committee differentiates between coursework that is part of the gerontology core and coursework that is supportive of a certificate in gerontology. The steering committee also approves fieldwork, experimental courses, and independent study as part of student work that meets the requirements of the gerontology certificate. Contact the coordinators for the form that is used to request that the Gerontology Steering Committee approve coursework that is not already described in the following sections about gerontology core or supportive courses.

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Program Coordinators

Coordinators: Ellen Rozek, PhD and Erica Srinivasan, PhD (Psychology)

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John Kovari, Political Science and Public Administration

Vivek Pande, Business

Ellen Rozek, Psychology

Erica Srinivasan, Psychology