Ethics Minor

(All colleges, excluding philosophy majors)

18 credits

Select one course from the following:3
Introduction to Ethics and Society: The Person and the Community
Ethical Theory and Practice
Ethics and Meta-Ethics: Theory, Justification, and Objectivity
Applied core
Select two to three courses from the following:6-9
History of Ancient Philosophy
Search for Economic Justice
Philosophy of the Arts
Multicultural Philosophy in the United States
Social and Political Philosophy
Environmental Ethics
Philosophy of Love, Sex and Friendship
Asian Philosophy
Philosophy and Film
On Humor and Happiness
Electives 6-9
Select two to three courses from the following list. Students may also apply unused courses from the above lists to fulfill the elective requirement.
Cultural Resources Management
Lying and Deception in Human Interaction
Women and Popular Culture
Writing in the Sciences
Journalism and New Media
Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing
The Rhetorics of Style
Literature and Environmental Action
German Thinkers and Popular Culture
Ethics and Religion
Peace and War
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Human Rights and the Middle East
20th Century Civil Rights Movement
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Classical Political Theory
Modern and Contemporary Political Theory
Ethical Decision Making in Government
Collective Behavior
Total Credits18
  • At least 12 credits must be at or above the 300-level.  
  • Open to students in all colleges and programs except the philosophy major.  
  • A maximum of three credits are allowed to overlap between a student's major, any additional minors, and the ethics minor. 
  • A maximum of six credits are allowed to overlap between the General Education Program and the ethics minor.