International and Global Studies Minor

The international and global studies minor offers an array of elective courses which focus on global or international phenomena that may also have local implications, compare subjects across many regions of the world, develop skills and abilities for meaningful cross-cultural and transnational interactions, and more.

(All colleges)

18 credits, at least 9 credits of which must be at the 300/400 level.

Foundation courses:
Select one of the following:3
ANT 202/GEO 202/HIS 202/POL 202/SOC 202 Contemporary Global Issues
ECO 212/ENG 212/PHL 212 Search for Economic Justice
Required capstone course:3
Engaging Global Challenges and Opportunities
Select an additional twelve credits of electives from at least three different departments. At least six of these credits must be at the 300/400 level.12
Total Credits18

International and global studies minors may apply a maximum of six credits from another major.

A maximum of six credits are allowed to overlap between general education requirements and the minor.


ANT 196Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology3
ANT 215Refugees, Displaced Persons and Transnational Communities3
ANT/ARC 304Hunter and Gatherer Societies3
ANT/ARC 305Indigenous Agricultural Societies: Past and Present3
ANT 307International Development and Culture Change3
ANT/HIS 312Peoples and Cultures of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union3
ANT 320Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies3
ANT 321Images, Visual Culture and Anthropology3
ANT 323Anthropology of Childhood and Youth3
ANT 351Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia3
ANT/ARC/HIS 353Maya Civilization3
ANT 354Peoples and Cultures of Latin America3
ANT/RGS 362Hmong Americans3
ANT 366Anthropology of Food3
ANT 370Medical Anthropology3
ARA 202Intermediate Arabic II4
ARC 200World Archaeology: Origins and Development of Human Culture and Society3
ARC 280The Incas and their Ancestors: Archaeology of the Andes3
ARC/HIS 295Pyramids, Temples and Towns! The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt3
ARC 311European Prehistory3
ARC/HIS 340Origins of Cities3
ARC/HIS 372History of Women in the Ancient World3
CHI 202Chinese Language and Culture in Action II4
CHI 305Introduction to Modern Chinese Literature3
CHI 320Introduction to Chinese Civilization3
ECO 120Global Macroeconomics3
ECO 340Introduction to International Economics3
ECO 375Economic Development3
ECO 440International Financial Economics3
EDS 309Teaching Global Perspectives Across the Curriculum3
ENG 203British Literature before 18003
ENG 204British Literature after 18003
ENG 208International Studies in Literature3
ENG 331Introduction to Linguistics: Sounds and Words3
ENG 334Language Study for Teachers3
ENG 357World Literature3
ENG 362English Renaissance3
ENG 366Restoration and 18th Century British Literature3
FRE 202French Language and Cultures in Action II3
FRE 227French for International Relations3
FRE 320Perspectives on French Civilization3
FRE 322French without Borders3
FRE 395French Literary Voices in English3
GEO 110World Cultural Regions3
GEO 200Conservation of Global Environments3
GEO 211Global Climate Change3
GEO 307Power, Space, and Global Change3
GEO 309Cities: Past, Present, and Future3
GEO 318The Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean3
GEO 321Sustainable Development and Conservation3
GEO 335Islamic Asia: Cradle of Civilizations, Geographies of Conflict3
GEO 340Polar Environments3
GER 202German Language and Cultures in Action II3
GER 300Advanced German3
GER 301An Introduction to German Literature3
GER 398German Thinkers and Popular Culture3
GER 399German Literature in Translation3
HIS 220Survey of Latin American and Latino History3
HIS 240Survey of Europe3
HIS 250Survey of Asia3
HIS 260Survey of the Middle East3
HIS 285Survey of Modern Africa3
HIS 307Comic Books and History3
HIS 327History of Buddhism3
HIS 328History of Hinduism3
HIS 337La Crosse Wisconsin in World History3
HIS 338Sugar, Coffee, Rubber, Bananas: Commodities in World History3
HIS 345U.S.-Latin American Relations3
HIS 351France and the French Empire: 1750-Present3
HIS 356History of Mexico3
HIS 360Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America3
HIS 361Israeli-Palestinian Conflict3
HIS 362Human Rights and the Middle East3
HIS 364Gandhi and the World3
HIS 382Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific3
HIS 383Women in South Asia3
HIS 394Modern Japan3
HIS 395Postwar Japan3
HIS 397African Nationalism3
HIS 398Colonial Africa3
HIS 410British Empire3
HIS 414Ireland and the World: 1500-present3
HIS 415Religion and Conflict in Modern South Asia3
HIS 420Global Fascisms3
JPN 202Intermediate Japanese II4
MIC 130Global Impact of Infectious Disease3
PHL 335Multicultural Philosophy in the United States3
PHL 341Environmental Ethics3
PHL 349Asian Philosophy3
PHL 360Zen Buddhism3
PHY 142Navigating Global Nuclear Issues3
POL 130Comparing Politics and Governments Around the World3
POL 244International Relations3
POL 330Politics of Developing Areas3
POL 331Politics of Democratization3
POL 333Asian Government and Politics3
POL 334Post-Communist Politics3
POL 336Middle Eastern Government and Politics3
POL 337African Government and Politics3
POL 338European Government and Politics3
POL 340American Foreign Policy3
POL 341America and the World3
POL 344Global Governance3
POL 345International Law3
POL 346Model United Nations3
POL 347Peace and Conflict3
PSY 282Cross-Cultural Psychology3
PSY 285Culture and Mental Health3
RGS 335Indigenous and Postcolonial Feminisms3
RGS 336Anti-Colonial Theory and Movements3
RGS 373Gender and Human Rights3
RUS 202Russian Language and Cultures in Action II4
SOC/RGS 316Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change in Religion3
SOC 320Demography3
SOC/RGS 337Globalization, Women, and Work3
SOC 404Global Inequality3
SPA 202Spanish Language and Cultures in Action II4
SPA 302Faces of Spain: Conversation and Culture3
SPA 307Latin American Texts: Reading Between the Lines3
SPA 310Communities of Resistance in the Spanish-Speaking World3
SPA 332Spanish Speakers in the U.S.: Language, Community, (In)justice3
TSL 345Intercultural Interactions3

Additional courses not listed above may be counted towards the INSGS minor as long as they satisfy at least one of the program learning outcomes. Please contact the International and Global Studies Director for more information.