Spanish for the Health Professions Certificate

(All colleges, open only to degree-seeking UWL students)

15-161 credits above SPA 201 including:

SPA 322Spanish for Mental Health Professionals3
SPA 325Spanish for Professional Communication3
SPA 332Spanish Speakers in the U.S.: Language, Community, (In)justice3
SPA 370Spanish for the Health Professions 23
Electives 3-4
Introduction to Spanish for the Health Professions 3
Latin American Texts: Reading Between the Lines
Communities of Resistance in the Spanish-Speaking World
Latinx in the U.S.: Culture and Society
Intercultural Medical Experience Abroad/Away
National/International Intern Program
Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
Health Policy, Advocacy, and Community Organizations
Literature, Medicine, and Culture
Sociocultural Factors in Physical Education and School Health Education
Latinos in the United States: 1450-2000
U.S.-Latin American Relations
Culture and Mental Health
Multicultural Counseling
Leisure in a Diverse Society
Total Credits15-16
Prerequisite courses (dependent on placement scores) 4
Spanish in a Global Society I
Spanish in a Global Society II
Spanish in a Global Society I & II
Spanish Language and Cultures in Action I

Students who begin their Spanish major by placing into a SPA course at the 300-level will complete the certificate with 15 credits instead of 16.


Students must complete nine credits of courses numbered 300-350 before enrolling in SPA 370.


Students who place into SPA 202/SPA 221 should take SPA 221 as the first course of the certificate.


Credits do not count toward certificate. Students may earn retroactive credit for these courses. See the Global Cultures and Languages Department's placement exams and retroactive credit website or more information.