2016-17 Catalog

Publication date June 2016

Legal Studies Minor

(All colleges)

18 credits

Foundation (one course required)3
The American Legal System
Advocacy (two courses required)6
Mock Trial I: Trial Advocacy
Introduction to Logic
Symbolic Logic
Advocacy and Argumentation
Advocacy and Persuasion
Writing for Management, Public Relations and the Professions
Prose Style and Editing
Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing Studies
Introduction to Professional Writing
The Essay
Theory (one course required)3
Judicial Process
American Political Theory
Classical Political Theory
Modern and Contemporary Political Theory
Ethics Management in Government
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Areas of law (two courses required)6
Mock Trial II: Preparation
International Law
Constitutional Law I: Powers of Government
Constitutional Law II: The First Amendment
Constitutional Law III: Racial, Gender and Targeted Group Discrimination
Constitutional Law IV: Rights of the Accused
Constitutional Law V: Right to Life
Constitutional Law VI: Criminal Procedure
Constitutional Law VII: Administrative Law
Constitutional Law VIII: 1787 and Original Intent
Law and Society
Surveillance and Society
Corrections and Penology
Criminal Justice
U.S. Reform Movements
Wisconsin History
History of Public Education in United States
Crime and Punishment in America
Human Rights and the Middle East
Government and Society
Total Credits18
  • At least 12 credits must be at or above the 300-level.
  • Credits may not be counted toward the fulfillment of any other major, minor, or general education requirement.
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