2017-18 Catalog

Publication date June 2017

Archived Catalogs

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse keeps a record of each catalog as it is published, undergraduate and graduate, including the more recent HTML catalogs. For the digital catalogs, a snapshot of the catalog is published and then provided in a PDF format that can be printed if desired. UWL's historical catalogs have also been digitized and made available to the public through the Murphy Library Collection.

Below are links to recently published catalogs, in online (HTML) and/or downloadable PDF formats, and the Murphy Library Collection of archived catalogs.



Older archived catalogs - undergraduate and graduate

Note: UW-La Crosse moved to publishing both catalogs on an annual basis starting with the 2014-15 academic year. Prior to that year, the undergraduate and graduate catalogs were published every two years on a rotating basis.


Tip: In the Murphy Library Digital Collections, filter the results by selecting "Catalog" under the genre category on the left or by selecting "UWL Course Catalog Collection" from the drop down menu. The results will come up in chronological order, with the newest catalogs on the last page of results. Use the small arrow on the top right to find the newest catalogs.

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