2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

Majors, Minors, and Other Programs

Browse the alphabetical list of majors, minors, and other programs in the grid below or select a particular college or school to find the undergraduate programs that relate to a particular college/school.

UWL Colleges and Schools

Alphabetical list of majors, minors, and other programs

UWL offers several different graduate degrees and certificates covering a wide range of disciplines. Graduate programs are included in the below list, and more details can be found in the graduate catalog.

Dual degree programs and undergraduate pre-professional tracks are listed separately at the end.

ProgramCollege / SchoolB.A.B.S.MinorTeacher Cert.Graduate
Accountancy CBA
Adapted Physical Education CSH 1
Adventure/Outdoor Pursuits CSH 1
Anthropology CLS
Archaeological Studies CLS
○ Cultural Anthropology Emphasis CLS
Art Therapy SAC
Associate Degree (A.A.) all colleges
At-Risk Child & Youth Care CLS
Athletic Training (not accepting new students into program) CSH
Biochemistry w/ ASBMB Certification CSH
Biology CSH
○ Aquatic Science Concentration CSH
○ Biomedical Science Concentration CSH
○ Cellular & Molecular Concentration CSH
○ Environmental Science Concentration CSH
○ Nurse Anesthesia Concentration CSH
○ Physiology Concentration CSH
○ Plant & Fungal Biology Concentration CSH
Business Administration CBA 2
Chemistry w/ ASC Certification CSH
○ Business Concentration CSH
○ Chemistry CSH
○ Environmental Science Concentration CSH
Chinese Studies CLS
Clinical Exercise Physiology CSH
Clinical Laboratory Science CSH
Coaching Competitive Athletics [3] CSH
Communication Studies SAC
○ Interpersonal Communication Emphasis SAC
○ Media Studies Emphasis SAC
○ Organizational & Professional Communication Emphasis SAC
○ Public Communication & Advocacy Emphasis SAC
Community Health Education CSH
Computational Science CSH
Computer Science CSH
○ Computer Engineering Technology Emphasis CSH
○ Embedded Systems Emphasis CSH
Creative Writing CLS
Criminal Justice CLS
Data Science [4] CSH
Digital Media Studies & Design SAC
Earth Science CSH
Economics (CBA) CBA
Economics (CLS) CLS 5
Education, teacher certification - see Teacher Education
English CLS
○ Education CLS
○ Literature Emphasis CLS
○ Writing & Rhetoric Emphasis CLS
Environmental Studies CLS
Ethics CLS
Ethnic and Racial Studies CLS
Exercise and Sport Science CSH
○ Exercise Science Emphasis: Fitness Track CSH
○ Exercise Science Emphasis: Pre-Professional Track CSH
○ Human Performance: Applied Sport Science Emphasis CSH
○ Human Performance: Strength & Conditioning Emphasis CSH
○ Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Program CSH 6
○ Sport Management Emphasis CSH
Finance CBA
○ Risk, Insurance & Financial Planning Concentration CBA
French [7] CLS
○ Business Concentration CLS
Geography CSH
○ Environmental Science Concentration CSH
○ Geographic Information Science Concentration CSH
Geoarchaeology CSH
German Studies CLS
○ Business Concentration CLS
Gerontology [8] CLS
Health and Wellness Management [4] CSH
Health Information Management and Technology [4] CBA
Health Information Systems Management CBA
Healthcare Administration [4] CSH
Healthcare Analytics Management CBA
History CLS
○ Regional Emphasis CLS
○ Topical Emphasis CLS
○ World History CLS
Hmong and Hmong-American Studies Certificate [9] CLS
Inclusive Recreation CSH
Information Systems CBA
International Business CBA
International Studies CLS
○ African Emphasis CLS
○ Asian Emphasis CLS
○ European Emphasis CLS
○ Latin American Emphasis CLS
○ Middle Eastern Emphasis CLS
Leadership Development SAC
Legal Studies CLS
Linguistics CLS
Management CBA
Marketing CBA
Mathematics CSH
○ Applied Emphasis CSH
○ Education Emphasis CSH
Medical Dosimetry CSH
Microbiology CSH
○ Biomedical Concentration CSH
○ Business Concentration CSH
○ Clinical Microbiology Concentration CSH
○ Environmental Concentration CSH
Military Science CLS
Music SAC
○ Choral Education Emphasis SAC
○ General Education Emphasis SAC
○ History Emphasis SAC
○ Instrumental Education Emphasis SAC
○ Jazz Performance Emphasis SAC
○ Music Theatre Emphasis SAC
○ Performance Emphasis SAC
○ Piano Pedagogy SAC
○ Theory Emphasis SAC
Music Performance SAC
Neuroscience (Interdisciplinary) CLS
Nuclear Medicine Technology CSH
Nutrition CSH
Occupational Therapy CSH
Philosophy CLS
Photography SAC
Physical Therapy CSH
Physician Assistant Studies CSH
Physics CSH
○ Applied Emphasis CSH
○ Astronomy Emphasis CSH
○ Biomedical Concentration CSH
○ Business Concentration CSH
○ Computational Physics Emphasis CSH
○ Optics Emphasis CSH
Political Science [10] CLS
Professional & Technical Writing CLS
Psychology CLS 5
Public Administration CLS
Public Health and Community Health Education CSH
Radiation Therapy CSH
Reading SOE
○ Reading Teacher (1316) SOE 11
○ Reading Teacher (1316) and Reading Specialist (5017) SOE
Recreation Management CSH
○ Community-Based Recreation Emphasis CSH
○ Generalist Emphasis CSH
○ Outdoor Recreation Emphasis CSH
○ Professional Development (first accepting students for Fall 2019) CSH
○ Tourism Emphasis CSH
Russian Studies Certificate [12] CLS
School Health Education CSH
School Psychology CLS
Social Justice CLS
Sociology CLS
Software Engineering CSH
Spanish CLS
○ Business Concentration CLS
Sports Broadcasting (not accepting new students into program) SAC
Statistics CSH
○ Actuarial Science Concentration CSH
○ Applied Statistics CSH
Student Affairs Administration and Leadership [4] CLS
Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education CLS
Sustainable Business CBA
Teacher Education Programs, undergraduate: SOE
○ Early Childhood-Middle Childhood Education (EC-MC) SOE
○ Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence Education (MC-EA) SOE
○ Early Childhood-Adolescence (EC-A) SOE
○ Special Education SOE 13
○ General Science 14 SOE
○ Social Studies 14 SOE
Teacher Education Programs, graduate: SOE
○ Director of Instruction (10) Add-Certification SOE
○ Educational Leadership Certificate SOE
○ English Language Arts Elementary Certificate SOE
○ Professional Learning Community Certificate SOE
○ Professional Development - Learning Community Emphasis SOE
○ Professional Development - Educational Leadership Emphasis SOE
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages CLS
Therapeutic Recreation CSH
Theatre Arts SAC
○ Arts Administration Emphasis SAC
○ Design/Technical Emphasis SAC
○ General Emphasis SAC
○ Musical Theatre Emphasis SAC
○ Performance Emphasis SAC
○ Stage Management Emphasis SAC
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies CLS
Dual Degree Programs:

(College of Science and Health)

Programs Degrees
Biology & Physical Therapy BS/DPT
Chemistry & Engineering BS/BS
Clinical Laboratory Science & Clinical Microbiology BS/MS
Computer Science & Engineering BS/BS
Computer Science & Software Engineering BS/MSE
Mathematics & Engineering BS/BS
Physics & Engineering BS/BS
Physics & Physical Therapy BS/DPT
Statistics & Applied Statistics BS/MS
Therapeutic Recreation BS/MS
Pre-Professional Fields:

(College of Science and Health)

Pre-Athletic Training
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Osteopathic Medicine
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Physician Assistant Studies

(College of Liberal Studies)

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