Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Minor

(All colleges, excluding teacher certification programs) 

19 credits


  1. Minimum 30 earned credits (including transfer credit). At least 15 of these credits must be earned at UWL. Students with more than 60 earned credits may not be eligible to apply for admission.
  2. Completion of BIO 105 General Biology (4 cr.) and PSY 100 General Psychology (3 cr.) (or equivalents), with grades of "C" or better. Note: BIO 105 and PSY 100 are prerequisite courses for NEU 200.
  3. Submit a 300-500 word essay (for example, how does a neuroscience minor fit with and support your educational and/or professional goals).
  4. Submit an unofficial transcript.
  5. Submit one reference from a UWL faculty member.
  6. Minimum 3.0 combined cumulative GPA. Combined cumulative GPAs include transfer grade points averaged in with grade points earned at UWL.
  7. Additional academic and non-academic factors may be taken into consideration.

Electronic applications are due October 1. Students may only reapply once if not accepted into the minor.

Declaration of the minor: Students must be admitted to the minor in order to declare the minor.

Retention: Students must earn a "C" or better in NEU 200 for continuation in the minor. Students must earn grades of "C" or better in all courses in the minor, including electives, to complete the minor.


Introductory Neuroscience 1
Philosophy of Mind
Animal Behavior
Neurophysiology 2
Capstone Seminar in Neuroscience
Students are encouraged to take electives outside of their major department
Neurobiology Laboratory Techniques
Introduction to Logic
Phenomenology and Existentialism
Cognitive Neuroscience
The Study of Consciousness
Learning and Memory
Clinical Neuropsychology
Cognitive Processes
Sensation and Perception
Genes and Behavior
Total Credits19