2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

Marketing Department (MKT)

College of Business Administration
Department Chair: Gwen Achenreiner
316 Wimberly Hall; 608.785.8118
Email: gachenreiner@uwlax.edu


Marketing offers challenges, stimulating problems, working with people and unlimited advancement opportunities.  The variety and number of career and job opportunities available to you upon graduation is impressive.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations and sales managers is expected to increase through 2018.  "Job growth will be spurred by competition for a growing number of goods and services, both foreign and domestic, and the need to make one's product or service stand out."1  In addition, as the influence of social media, the Internet and advertising via wireless devices changes the promotional landscape, marketing professionals will need to develop new and innovative ways to advertise and promote products and services to better reach desired market segments.

Positions in marketing provide excellent training because of the knowledge of products and consumers gained in these jobs. Due to their importance and high visibility, managers in marketing positions often are prime candidates for advancement to the highest levels in an organization.2

Students in the College of Business Administration must be admitted to business and also complete the college core requirements.

The following is the department's faculty and staff as of the publication date of this catalog. This list will not be updated again until the next catalog is published in June.


Gwen Achenreiner

Steve Brokaw

Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Crosby

Kenneth Graham

Maggie McDermott

Nese Nasif

Marco Vriens

Senior Lecturer

Joe Chilsen

Associate Lecturer

Nolan Schmidt

Stacy Trisler

Administrative Support

Susan Hengel


MKT 309 Cr.3

Principles of Marketing

An introduction to the study of marketing in business and other organizations. Topics include: the marketing environment, marketing strategies and decision-making, marketing ethics and the international dimension of marketing strategy. Prerequisite: ECO 110; business minor or a major with a business concentration and junior standing, or admission to business. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

MGT/MKT 310 Cr.3

Principles of Sustainable Business

This course lays a foundation on the relationships between social, environmental and business systems. Challenges to existing business theory will embrace a new ecological perspective of business that includes an introduction to complexity theory, systems thinking, evolutionary economics and biomimicry. The specific topics of the triple-bottom-line, full-cost accounting, green marketing, human rights and social equity are explored within the context of local and global ecosystems and a broadened mission for "sustainable" business in the 21st century. Prerequisite: admission to business. (Cross-listed with MGT/MKT; may only earn credit in one department.) Offered Fall.

FIN/MGT/MKT 323 Cr.3

Integrated Core Business Consulting and Professional Communication

In this course, students will build knowledge and skills needed to integrate and apply material across the functional areas of business to solve complex business problems. Knowledge areas and skill sets that are specifically targeted include decision making and critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and time management. Students develop in these areas while building a foundation in effective business consulting. Students will work in teams to complete applied business consulting projects, while also engaging in smaller written assignments and exercises throughout the course. Prerequisite: admission to business. Students must take this course concurrently with integrated core sections of MGT 308, MKT 309, and FIN 355. Students may not earn credit in more than one of the following: MGT 323, MKT 323, FIN 323, or MGT 301. Consent of instructor. Offered Fall.

MKT 341 Cr.3

International Marketing

An analysis of worldwide marketing opportunities through a consideration of political, legal, economic, and cultural factors in the international context. Prerequisite: MKT 309; admission to business or international business minor, or French/German/Spanish major with a business concentration. Offered Fall, Spring.

MKT 351 Cr.3

Sustainability in Marketing

The course addresses environmental, social and economic sustainability issues facing society and modern marketing professionals. Course discussion will include sustainable marketing strategies, consumer attitudes, and consumption. Prerequisite: MKT 309; admission to business. Offered Spring.

MKT 362 Cr.3

Buyer Behavior

This course examines basic concepts related to understanding buyer behavior. Topics include information processing, perception, and decision making. Also examines individual and socio-cultural variables which influence buyer behavior. Prerequisite: MKT 309; admission to business or exercise science sport management. Offered Fall, Spring.

MKT 365 Cr.3

Integrated Marketing Communications

Introduces the various forms and tools of marketing promotion. Includes an analysis of promotional activities in the development of an integrated marketing communications plan. Develops student understanding of the role of promotion and the integrated nature of marketing planning. Details the nature and process of developing integrated marketing campaigns as a part of the promotional mix. Examines integrated marketing research, media planning, budgeting, creative activities, and ethical considerations. Prerequisite: MKT 309; MKT 362 or concurrent enrollment; admission to business or exercise science sport management. Offered Fall, Spring.

MKT 367 Cr.3

Market Research

This course examines the research techniques commonly used to examine buyer behavior, including secondary data, surveys, and focus groups. Topics also include an analysis of research design methods, and the application of research to marketing decision making. Prerequisite: MKT 309; ECO 230; admission to business. Offered Fall, Spring.

MKT 370 Cr.3

Professional Selling and Sales Management

This course examines the role of personal selling in the marketing mix and addresses personal selling activities and techniques. Topics covered include communication and persuasion, prospecting, overcoming objections, presentations, questioning and closing methods, time and territory management, social, ethical, and legal issues. The course will focus primarily on business-to-business sales. Prerequisite: MKT 309; admission to business or exercise sport science - sport management. Offered Fall, Spring.

MKT 386 Cr.3

Business Marketing and Distribution

Business-to-business marketing issues are explored, including distinctive characteristics of the business market, ways in which organizations make buying decisions, requirements for marketing strategy success, with an emphasis on distribution/supply chain in business marketing. Prerequisite: MKT 309; admission to business. Offered Fall, Spring.

MKT 400 Cr.1-3

Marketing Forum

Emphasis will be on examination and study of current marketing issues. Topics will vary from semester to semester. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: MKT 309; admission to business. Consent of instructor. Offered Occasionally.

MKT 415 Cr.3

Marketing Application and Advanced Research

The planning, development, and implementation of an individual marketing-related research project or small group applied case study. Students will develop a project proposal and a written report related to their marketing studies, including an analysis of how the project relates to career goals. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: MKT 367; six additional credits of MKT major coursework; admission to business. Offered Fall, Spring.

MKT 440 Cr.3

Comparative Marketing Systems

A comparative marketing analysis of a specific region or country. An examination of the marketing practices, social forces, politics, trade history, and economics of (a) specific international area(s). Special attention to the operations of U.S. based firms operating in the area(s). Prerequisite: MKT 309; MKT 341 or instructor approval; admission to business or international business minor. Offered Summer.

MKT 444 Cr.3

Sports and Recreation Marketing

A comprehensive study of the planning, organization and implementation of marketing plans for all segments of the sports and recreation industry. Topics covered include: assessing market potential, defining the customer, location analysis, pricing, promotion, facilities and services management. Other issues addressed include the impact of new technology, cultural changes and other uncontrollable factors on sports marketing. Prerequisite: MKT 309; admission to business or exercise sport science - sport management. Offered Fall.

MKT 445 Cr.3

International Marketing Strategies

A study of policy and strategy formulation in the context of international marketing. Emphasis is placed on both the theory and application of international marketing decision processes. Prerequisite: MKT 309; MKT 341 or instructor approval; admission to business or international business minor. Offered Occasionally.

MKT 450 Cr.1-6

College of Business Administration Internship

The internship program as conceived and implemented is an unusual program designed to provide an opportunity for students in the College of Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to participate in an approved program with a cooperating business, governmental, or civic organization for usually 15 weeks of their undergraduate work. For additional information, see internship description under the College of Business Administration heading. Repeatable for credit. Prerequisite: ACC 221, ACC 222; BLAW 205; ECO 110, ECO 120, ECO 230; FIN 355; IS 220; MGT 308; MKT 309; admission to business. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

MKT 465 Cr.3

Digital Marketing and Analytics

This course offers a hands-on, application-based approach to the use of digital channels as marketing tools. The course explores how marketers use digital media, such as websites, blogs, social media platforms, and email for marketing communication purposes. Topics covered include search engine optimization, website design, content strategy, social media marketing, campaign management and evaluation, advertising, and digital marketing metrics and analysis. Prerequisite: MKT 309; MKT 365 or concurrent enrollment; admission to business. Offered Fall, Summer.

MKT 467 Cr.3

Marketing Analytics

This course covers the marketing analytics field from a broad and applied perspective, allowing students to practice utilizing marketing analytics from a "consumer of insights" point of view. The focus is on understanding the results from analytics; managing analytical projects successfully; and communicating insights for business impact. The course will not focus on coding. The types of data managers and executives are most likely to encounter, including Big Data, will be examined. The most commonly applied multivariate analytical approaches (such as regression, cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling, etc.), including a few new and emerging areas such as social data analysis, text analytics, and neural nets will be explained using simple step-by-step examples, with a heavy focus on business application. Students will practice solving real business problems by selecting and applying the right data and the best analytics. Prerequisite: MKT 309; MKT 367; admission to business. Offered Spring.

MKT 479 Cr.3

Marketing Management

The analysis, planning, implementation and control of marketing programs designed to bring about desired exchanges with target markets within organizational objectives. Prerequisite: MKT 341; MKT 362, MKT 367; to be taken in the student’s semester of graduation; admission to business. Offered Fall, Spring.

MGT/MKT 480 Cr.3

Business Sustainability Capstone

This capstone course will act as a culmination of the sustainability minor in business. By the time students complete this last course in the minor, they will have developed not only a deep exposure to the "content" of sustainable business, but also a great deal of firsthand experience with the very tools and procedures that breathe factual "life" into that content, including the triple-bottom-line, full-cost accounting, externalities, and ecological footprint audits. Speakers from and field trips to businesses engaging in sustainability practices will also be a part of this course. Prerequisite: MGT/MKT 310; MGT 408; and six additional credits applicable to the sustainable business minor. Open only to minors in sustainable business. (Cross-listed with MGT/MKT; may only earn credit in one department.) Offered Spring.

MKT 499 Cr.1-3

Independent Study

Individual reading or research under the guidance of a staff member. Open to selected advanced students who have excellent records in the department. Registration with the consent of the student’s regular adviser, the instructor and the department chairperson. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: admission to business. Consent of department. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

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