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POL 351 Cr.3

The foundations of political theory from the ancient Greeks to the early modern social contract theorists. The course analyzes leading political theorists in their historical contexts, and evaluates their ideas according to the preceding tradition of political theory and their implications for political thought and practice. The survey includes studying the work of philosophers including: Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. Prerequisite: POLĀ 251 or junior standing. Offered Alternate Years.

General Education Program


...212 , POL 212 , WGS 212 . Offered Occasionally. +POL...Offered Fall, Spring. +THA 351 Cr.3 World...

International Studies Minor: Asian Emphasis


...POL 333 Asian Government and Politics 3 POL...Transnational Communities 3 ANT 351 Peoples and Cultures...

International Studies Minor: Latin American Emphasis


...3 POL 339 Contemporary Latin America 3 POL...American Civilization 3 SPA 351 Films in Spanish...

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