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ENG 335 Cr.3

Introduction to Professional Writing is designed as an introductory course for students who are interested in writing in professional settings. The course will include an introduction to various field definitions of professional writing, an overview of professional writing history and theory, provide space to study key concepts that are currently relevant in the field, and apply these histories and concepts to concrete documents that constitute study in the field of professional writing. Prerequisite: ENG 110 or ENG 112; sophomore standing. Offered Fall, Spring.

School of Education, Professional and Continuing Education (EPC)


...206 . Complete ENG 110 or ENG 112 with...Department of Educational Studies 335 Morris Hall; 608...

General Education Program


...literacy requirements ( ENG 110 or ENG 112 , and...Offered Fall, Spring. +PHL 335 Cr.3 Multicultural...

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