2017-18 Catalog

Publication date June 2017

At-Risk Child and Youth Care Minor

(All colleges)

21-30 credits (depending on major)

  • Psychology majors: 12 credits may count in both major and minor
  • Therapeutic recreation majors: 10 credits may count in both major and minor
  • All other majors: six credits may count in both major and minor if courses from the major are included in the CYC listings.
Category I: Core
CYC 301Overview of Child and Youth Care 13
CYC 310Social Policy for Children and Families3
CYC 495Capstone in Child Youth Care3
Category II: Internship
CYC 450Internship in Child/Youth Care 23
Category III: Human development
PSY 212Lifespan Development (or PSY 210 for PSY majors)3
Special populations development:3
Select one of the following (each of which have a prerequisite of PSY 212 or PSY 210):
Infancy and Early Childhood
The School-aged Child
Category IV: Family dynamics
Select one of the following: 3
Family Communication
Family Systems Theory
Marriage and Family
Category V: Application skills
Select one of the following:3
Interpersonal Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Health Communication
Communication in Teams
Group Dynamics
Communicating Leadership
Behavior Modification
Empathic Listening Skills
Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation
Experiential Education: Facilitation Techniques in Ropes Course
Leisure Counseling in Therapeutic Recreation
Category VI: Youth at risk
Select six credits from at least two different subcategories (see below)6
Total Credits30

 A grade of "B" or better in PSY 210 or PSY 212 and an overall credit level of 75 or fewer credits is required in order to enroll in CYC 301.


Can also be satisfied by other departmental internships with a child/youth care component - CEI 450, CST 450, HED 495/PH 498 (if done with pediatric population), PSY 450, REC 450, RTH 498, SOC 450 if it has a vulnerable and at-risk child/youth focus. 


Alcohol and drug abuse
HED 469Drugs, Society and Human Behavior3
PSY 426Addictive Behaviors3
SOC 326Sociopharmacology3
Child welfare
HED 207Youth Health Issues3
HED 417Understanding Child Abuse1
HED 422Sexual Abuse of Children1
PSY 316Child Abuse and Neglect3
RTH 330Therapeutic Recreation and Mental Health3
ESS 231Introduction to Teaching Adapted Physical Education3
Mental health & youth at risk behaviors
HED 345Issues in Mental and Emotional Health3
HED 425Violence and Injury Prevention3
PSY 417Child and Adolescent Psychopathology3
RTH 333Therapeutic Recreation and Corrections3
SOC 321Delinquency3
SOC 324Criminal Justice3
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