2019-2020 Catalog

Publication date June 2019

Art Minor

(All colleges)

18 credits

Select a minimum of five credits from the following5
Art Appreciation
General Art Foundations
Drawing Foundations
Design Foundations
Three Dimensional Foundations
Photography Survey
Watercolor Painting
Introduction to Painting
Introduction to Computer Graphic Design
Ceramics for Non-Art Majors
Introduction to Sculpture
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Printmaking
Forging/Raising for Non-Art Majors
Introduction to Metalsmithing, Forging, and Raising
Introduction to Metalsmithing
Metalsmithing for Non-Art Majors
Introduction to Blacksmithing
Art History I: History of Art and Visual Culture
Art History II: Global, Local, and Contemporary Art
Drawing II
Photography and Imaging I
Choose a minimum of nine credits from 300/400 level classes 9
World Art
Color Theory
Intermediate Painting
Intermediate Computer Graphic Design
Intermediate Sculpture
Intermediate Ceramics
Intermediate Printmaking: Lithography
Intermediate Metalsmithing: Forging and Raising
Intermediate Metalsmithing
Intermediate Blacksmithing
Themes of Contemporary Art
Selected Topics in Art History
Travel/Study in Visual Art
Drawing III
Photography and Imaging II
Documentary Strategies in Photography
Special Projects in Photography
Portraiture in Photography
Advanced Digital Photography and Imaging
Advanced Painting
Advanced Computer Graphic Design
Independent Study
Advanced Sculpture
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Printmaking
Individual Problems in Printmaking
Advanced Metalsmithing
Perspectives in Art
Advanced Drawing
Perspectives in Art: Photography
Experimental Photography and Imaging
Electives (selected from either of the above lists)4
Total Credits18
  • Credits may not be counted toward the requirements for any art major, photography minor, or any other art minor.
  • A maximum of six credits are allowed to overlap between general education requirements and the minor.
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