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+ART 160 Cr.3

An introductory course in visual art, with emphasis on understanding the methods of art making in a variety of studio disciplines. Topics include recognition of visual elements and principles of design, methods of applying these elements and principles throughout a variety of art forms, thematic development, relationship of the visual arts to other fields of human endeavor, and an introduction to writing about visual art. Course content includes representative paradigms of world art, Western art, multicultural and contemporary art. Critical thinking is explored through responses to the visual arts through active involvement with various creative processes and media. Offered Fall, Spring.

Art Department (ART)


College of Liberal Studies School of Arts and Communication Department Chair: Robert J. Dixon 105 Center For The Arts; 608.785.8230 Email: rdixon@uwlax.edu

General Education Program


...meaning of art. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. +ART 160 Cr.3 General Art Foundations...

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