2019-2020 Catalog

Publication date June 2019

Admissions Policies: Re-Entry and Re-admission


If a student voluntarily interrupts university work while in good academic standing, that student may be granted re-entry status by submitting an online application to the Records and Registration Office. Due to enrollment limits, it is possible not all students who apply for re-entry will be accepted. It is advantageous to apply early in order to be approved to register as soon as possible. If a student has been out of school voluntarily for a year or more, or involuntarily for any amount of time, the student will be subject to the requirements of the catalog in effect upon return. If the student has been gone voluntarily for one semester, the student remains under the "old" catalog. Students granted re-entry status who were on scholastic probation or other conditional status at the time of last attendance at UWL retain such status as a condition of re-entry.

If a student has attended another institution(s) after leaving UWL, official transcripts of that academic record(s) should be mailed directly from the issuing institution(s) or sent through an electronic secure document sending service to the Records and Registration Office at the time he or she applies for re-entry. Transcripts that are marked "Issued to Student" or that are hand delivered by a student will not be accepted unless the transcript remains sealed in the original stamped envelope from the issuing institution(s).

Eligibility for re-entry is based upon previous work at this university and any others attended since leaving UWL. A student must be eligible to return to the institution last attended. Re-entry transfers must meet the same GPA requirements for admission as other transfer students.

Re-admission after dismissal for ineligibility

If a student desires re-admission after having been declared ineligible to continue for scholastic or other reasons, the student must first apply to the dean of the UWL school or college in which that student was last enrolled, and then submit an online application for admission.

Students declared ineligible to continue must follow catalog requirements in effect at the time of re-admission. It is advantageous to apply for re-admission early in order to facilitate registration in a timely manner. The appropriate dean will apprise the Records and Registration Office of the student's eligibility for re-admission. During times of controlled or limited enrollment, preference will be given to students re-entering in good standing.

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