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Withdrawal from classes

Any student may withdraw from a class until one week beyond mid-term of a semester or a summer session. All withdrawals from classes after the "drop/add - change-of-schedule" period are recorded with a "W" on the student’s permanent academic record along with the official date of withdrawal. Half-term courses or short-term courses have withdrawal time limits established on a basis prorated to withdrawal dates for a full-term course. A student must obtain either advisor’s or instructor’s signature during this time period. No student is permitted to withdraw from a class later than one week beyond mid-term of a semester or summer term. Only a grade of "F" or "I" may be recorded for any student who enters this time period and fails to complete a course. See the withdrawal from the university policy for exceptions.

Failure to follow the prescribed procedures and to observe the prescribed time limits for withdrawal from classes will result in the recording of failing grades in discontinued courses.

Note: If a student withdraws from or fails to complete a course taken as a "repeat," the original grade earned will remain in the overall grade point average calculation.

Medical withdrawal

Emergency medical withdrawal may be initiated by a student or authorized agent at any time. Either a complete withdrawal from all courses at the university or a partial withdrawal from some courses may be requested. The withdrawal request must be supported by a letter from a healthcare provider which describes the limitations on the student’s continued participation in courses. The nature of the limitations may necessitate withdrawal from some courses but allow continued participation in other courses. The limitations will form a consistent standard for withdrawal that can be applied to all courses in which the student is currently enrolled. The Student Health Center will verify the authenticity of the support letter and will notify Student Life. Student Life will consult the appropriate academic dean and instructors. If the withdrawal is granted, Student Life will notify the Records and Registration Office and the Cashier’s Office. When the withdrawal is completed, the Records and Registration Office will notify instructors if a grade is required.

For courses in which the student has withdrawn, the permanent record will show no credits were earned. However, the status of the student’s grades at the time of the withdrawal will be posted. The record will show one of the following grades submitted by the instructor: "EP" (emergency withdrawal passing) or "EF" (emergency withdrawal failing). Such grades will not be included in the computation of the term or cumulative grade point average.

Any exception to the policies of the emergency medical withdrawal must be appealed to the university’s Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS).

Withdrawal from the university

Withdrawal from the university is a matter of major importance. If a student is considering withdrawal from school, the student should discuss the matter with faculty advisor, dean, and counselors prior to initiating action. The official date of withdrawal from all classes will be recorded on the permanent academic record if the student withdraws after classes begin.

Forms for withdrawing from the university may be obtained from Student Life, 149 Graff Main Hall. The forms provide a checklist which withdrawing students are expected to follow carefully. Withdrawal procedures must be fully completed before a withdrawal becomes official.

An official withdrawal entitles a student to a refund of fees when the withdrawal date falls within a refund period. The official date of withdrawal is the date the withdrawal form is received in the Records and Registration Office. A "W" (Withdrawal) will appear on the student’s academic transcript if the withdrawal date is prior to one week after mid-term of a given semester. A grade of "WP" or "WF" will appear if the withdrawal falls after the mid-term point. A grade of "WF" will be averaged into the GPA. Withdrawal from the university is not allowed after the three-quarter point of the term.

An unofficial withdrawal will result in recording failing grades in discontinued courses and in encumbering of student records if the following obligations to the university have not been met: returning books to textbook service and Murphy Library; returning other university supplies and/or equipment issued during preceding periods of regular enrollment; clearing a record through an exit interview in the Financial Aid Office if applicable; and securing a final clearance in the Cashier’s Office with respect to any refund(s) which may be due or obligations unfulfilled regarding university fees, housing or food service arrangements, or accounts.

Military duty withdrawal from the university

Military duty withdrawal applies to those students who are ordered to active duty (i.e., active duty Reserve, National Guard), not to individuals who voluntarily enlist. A copy of the orders/activation papers must be submitted to Student Life, 149 Graff Main Hall. The staff in that office will provide assistance and guidance with the withdrawal process, which may occur at any time. Depending on when the withdrawal is effective, options are available for complete or partial withdrawal with grades of "EP" and "EF," or for accepting grades or "Incomplete" grades.

Refunds will be calculated based on dates and options selected. The full policy can be found with the Records and Registration Office.

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