Economics Honors Program

  1. Admission Requirements

    1. Junior standing

    2. 6 credits in economics at the 300 level or above

    3. Minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA in the major

    4. Selection and commitment of two Economics Department faculty members, one to serve as a primary thesis advisor, and a second to serve as a secondary thesis reader

    5. Filing an Honors Program Statement of Intent Form with the department chair

  2. Program Requirements

    1. ECO 307 Introduction to Econometrics (3 cr.) or Mathematical Economics (3 credits)1

    2. Honors thesis that makes a substantive contribution to the economics literature; to be administered as a ECO 499 Independent Study (1-3 cr.) course with the primary thesis advisor.

  3. Evaluation

    1. Minimum cumulative 3.50 GPA in the major at graduation

    2. Presentation of the honors thesis to a colloquium of faculty and students.

    3. Both the primary thesis advisor and the secondary thesis reader evaluate the honors thesis. In consultation with the secondary reader, the primary thesis advisor confirms that the thesis is of high quality meriting graduation with honors. (a passing grade in ECO 499 is not necessarily sufficient).


Mathematical Economics occasionally offered as a topic under ECO 499.