Sustainable Business Program

The sustainable business minor provides CBA students with the opportunity to discover how sustainable business practices can be incorporated into organizational practices, strategy, and supply chains. Sustainable business minors will identify ways to integrate environmental, social, and financial concepts to create a more sustainable world. Studying sustainable business will give students the know-how to promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability in their future careers. They will learn how to be good stewards of natural resources, even while pursuing business objectives.

Students take an introductory sustainable business course (MGT/MKT 310 Principles of Sustainable Business; usually offered only in the Fall semester), the Global Responsibility of Business course (MGT 408; usually offered each semester), and nine credits of approved electives (listed on a separate page). After completing MGT/MKT 310, MGT 408, and at least three credits of approved electives, students take the Business Sustainability Capstone course (MGT/MKT 480; usually offered only in the Spring semester). Students should carefully note the specific courses in the minor, when they are offered, and course prerequisites.