2017-18 Catalog

Publication date June 2017

Political Science Minor

(All colleges, excluding teacher certification programs)

18 credits

Select three courses from:9
American National Government
Contemporary Global Issues 1
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Political Theory
Political Inquiry and Analysis
Select nine credits of electives at the 300/400 level in political science (POL) or public administration (PUB).9
Total Credits18

Students may not take POL 202 Contemporary Global Issues (3 cr.) if they have already taken ANT 202ECO 202GEO 202HIS 202, or SOC 202 Contemporary Global Issues (3 cr.). Instead, political science minors would need to choose three other courses from those listed.

A maximum of three credits from each repeatable political science (POL) or public administration (PUB) course may be applied to the political science minor.

Political science minors may count a maximum of six credits towards a public administration major or minor.

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