Admission Policies: High School Students & ECCP Program

Concurrent high school/UWL enrollment and Early College Credit Program

UWL offers enrollment options to high school students who wish to pursue university course work while completing their studies in high school. Special admission is granted only to those highly qualified applicants who demonstrate that they can benefit from entrance into college.

Early College Credit Program (2017 Wisconsin Act 59) stipulates that high school students at public and private high schools in Wisconsin can earn college credit through the Early College Credit Program. A student selected for the program may be permitted to enroll at UW-La Crosse to take one or more courses for which the student may earn high school credit, post-secondary credit, or both. Payment of tuition and fees is determined by the high school. Cost is 1/3 of regular tuition and fees.

Registration for courses as a high school student is subject to course, program, and institutional enrollment limits.

Admission requirements for concurrent high school/UWL enrollment

All applications receive a comprehensive review.

  1. Admission consideration for high school juniors and seniors will be primarily based on:
    1. Rigor of high school coursework
    2. High school class rank and/or high school grade point average
    3. Completion of appropriate preparatory high school coursework for college courses
  2. High school sophomores with exceptional academic preparation may be considered for admission.
  3. Due to enrollment limitations, specific criteria for admission will be determined by the Admissions Office each semester.

Application procedures for concurrent high school/UWL enrollment

  1. Submit a Universities of Wisconsin application. Students apply as a "special non-degree" student. The application fee is not required.
  2. Submit a completed Early College Credit Program and High School Special Agreement Form.
  3. Submit an official high school transcript and, if applicable, ACT/SAT scores.
  4. UW Placement Test scores and AP Test scores (if applicable) must be submitted for math, world languages, English, computer science, some economics, and some science courses prior to registration.

All required materials (1-3) should be sent to the Admissions Office via email to or by postal mail to the Admissions Office, UW-La Crosse, 2320 Student Union, 1725 State Street, La Crosse, WI 54601 USA.