Physics Minor with Astronomy Emphasis

(All colleges)

23 credits (32 total credits including MTH)

PHY 103Fundamental Physics I4
or PHY 203 General Physics I
PHY 104Fundamental Physics II4
or PHY 204 General Physics II
PHY 305General Physics III3
PHY 306Modern Physics3
Astronomy core
Select two courses from the following:6-8
Solar System Astronomy
Stars, Galaxies and the Universe
Cosmology and the Structure of The Universe
Select at least two additional credits from the list below 12-3
Experimental Physics
Electrical Circuits
Astrophysics 2
Computational Physics
Cosmology and the Structure of The Universe 2
Particle Physics
Physics and Astronomy Seminar 3
Total Credits23
Prerequisite coursework
MTH 207Calculus I5
MTH 208Calculus II4
Total Credits9

Depending on the astronomy core courses taken, additional credits may be required to reach a minimum of 23 credits for the minor.


Only if not taken as part of the astronomy core.


A maximum of two credits of PHY 497 may apply.