Mathematics Minor

(All colleges)

22 credits

MTH 207Calculus I5
MTH 208Calculus II4
MTH 308Linear Algebra with Differential Equations4
or MTH 309 Linear Algebra
Select nine credits of the following: 19
Foundations of Advanced Mathematics 2
Mathematical Models in Biology
Probability and Statistics
Mathematical Physics
MTH courses numbered 300 and above
Total Credits22

Credit for MTH 151 Precalculus (4 cr.) may be used to fulfill three of the nine additional credits.


Can substitute CS 225 for MTH 225. Credit will be given for only one course.

Computer science majors may count MTH 317 Graph Theory (3 cr.), MTH 371 Numerical Methods (3 cr.) and CS 453 Introduction to Theory of Computation (3 cr.) for credit in both the computer science major and the mathematics minor.

Physics majors may count PHY 461 Mathematical Physics (3 cr.) and PHY 470 Advanced Quantum Mechanics (3 cr.) for credit in both the physics major and the mathematics minor.

Students with a major in statistics, statistics with a concentration in actuarial science, or the dual degree program in statistics and MS applied statistics cannot declare the mathematics minor.