Coaching Competitive Athletics Concentration

(All colleges)

24 credits - Not eligible for Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certification

Core courses (16-20 credits)
ESS 100Physical Activities (strength conditioning)1-3
or ESS 368 Strength Training Techniques and Programs
ESS 201Safety, First Aid and CPR1
ESS 205Human Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise Science I3-4
or BIO 312 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
ESS 206Human Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise Science II3-4
or BIO 313 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
ESS 281Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries2
ESS 348Theory of Coaching2
ESS 349Psychology of Coaching Competitive Athletics2
ESS 451Practicum in Athletic Coaching2-3
Elective courses
Select 6-8 credits from the following:6-8
Officiating Athletics
Human Motor Behavior
Physiology of Exercise
Nutrition and Sport
Theory of Coaching
Legal Implications of Sport and Activity
Practicum in Athletic Coaching
Stress Management and Relaxation Skills
Nutrition Education
Total Credits24