Ethnic and Racial Studies (ERS) - Courses


+ERS 100 Cr.3

Introduction to Ethnic and Racial Studies

An examination of the persistence of minority and ethnic problems in the United States and consideration of the contributions, parallels, similarities, and differences between and among ethnic and minority groups. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

+ERS/ENG 215 Cr.3

African American Authors

A study of the principal post-depression (1940 to present) African American authors, critics, and scholars which clarifies the relationship between these writers and the general field of American literature and which illustrates their unique contributions as representatives of African American culture. Prerequisite: ENG 110 or ENG 112 or concurrent enrollment in ENG 112. (Cross-listed with ENG/ERS; may only earn credit in one department.) Offered Fall, Spring.

ERS 490 Cr.3

Ethnic and Racial Studies Seminar

This capstone course is designed as a culminating experience for students completing a minor in Ethnic and Racial Studies. Current events will be examined and connections to careers will be explored as the active application of an ERS minor is made the central focus for the course. Students will draw upon the skills and knowledge of both their ERS minor as well as their own majors and other programs of study to design and carry out a capstone project that will address and/or analyze some aspect of ethnic and racial experiences in the United States. Note: Students are not allowed to substitute an independent study for this course. Prerequisite: ERS 100; 12 credits from core and elective courses; declared ethnic and racial studies minor. Offered Spring.