Business Law (BLAW) - Courses


BLAW 205 Cr.3

The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

This course introduces students to ethical theory and decision-making models, as well as the legal framework in which American business operates, the substantive legal rules that govern American business domestically and internationally, and the ethical and social responsibility implications of business conduct within the legal environment. Governmental efforts to regulate business activity by statute and administrative agency rules and decisions are emphasized. Prerequisite: ECO 110 or ECO 120; sophomore standing; CBA major or business administration minor. Offered Fall, Spring.

BLAW 305 Cr.3

Business Law

This course introduces the common law subjects of contracts, agency and torts; the Uniform Commercial Code's treatment of sales contracts; and criminal law issues relevant to management decision-making. The course takes the knowledge and concepts learned in BLAW 205 and delves significantly deeper into the interplay between business and law. Prerequisite: BLAW 205; admission to business. Offered Occasionally.

BLAW 405 Cr.3

The Law of International Business Transactions

This course examines the legal problems that arise when business activities and organizations cross national boundaries and become multinational in structure, operation, and scope. Specific attention is paid to the legal effects of international business decisions; doing business in market, non-market and developing nations; the movement of goods, people and information across national borders; protection of intellectual property; international dispute resolution; and international contracts. Prerequisite: BLAW 205; admission to business. Offered Fall, Spring.

BLAW 415 Cr.3

Current Topics in Law

Examination of current legal problems as they relate to business. Prerequisite: admission to business. Offered Occasionally.