Arabic (ARA) - Courses


ARA 101 Cr.4

Elementary Arabic I

This course will acquaint students with the working vocabulary, dialogue skills, and pronunciation needed for elementary Arabic reading and writing. Linguistic development will include basic listening skills, elementary conversation, appreciation of the many Arabic dialects, and knowledge of Arab culture. Offered Fall.

+ARA 102 Cr.4

Elementary Arabic II

This is the second semester of first year Arabic. This course is designed to reinforce and build upon what was covered during the first semester. The 5Cs of communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities are at the center of the course. The course will be taught using a communicative approach, meaning that our focus is on real-world situations in which you can use the language in meaningful ways. Prerequisite: ARA 101. Offered Spring.

+ARA 201 Cr.4

Intermediate Arabic I

This course will be a continuation of the first-year, introductory courses in spoken and written Arabic. Prerequisite: ARA 102. Offered Fall.

+ARA 202 Cr.4

Intermediate Arabic II

This course will continue to develop the skills previously acquired and increase knowledge about syntactical and morphological structures of Modern Standard Arabic. The overall goal of this course is to increase students' proficiency level and enable students to do more with the Arabic language. Successful completion of this course would provide students with the groundwork for rapidly advancing in the Arabic language and the tools for further study and research in a formal classroom setting or on their own. Prerequisite: ARA 201. Offered Spring.