2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPR) - Courses

+ next to a course number indicates a general education course


+HPR 105 Cr.3

Creating A Healthy, Active Lifestyle

This course will focus on the knowledge and skills necessary for developing and maintaining a healthy, physically active lifestyle throughout one’s lifespan. Major issues directly affecting one’s health such as physical fitness, movement skills and activities, health promotion and disease prevention, the effective use of leisure and content in various wellness topical areas will be included. Offered Fall, Spring.

HP/HPR 106 Cr.2

Introduction to Health Related Careers

Overview of health related professions in the health delivery system. Course will include educational and professional aspects of a broad range of health related careers. General topics will include an overview of the health related delivery system, health reform, legal and ethical issues, and professionalism. An interdisciplinary approach will be utilized to present specific information on individual health related professions. (Cross-listed with HP/HPR; may only earn credit in one department.) Offered Spring.

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