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Health Education (HED) - Courses

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HED 101 Cr.2

Personal Health

The dynamics of health in modern life in a rapidly changing world; modern concepts of health, disease, and longevity; current medical findings relative to weight control, emotional health, human sexuality, family planning, venereal and other disease control, drug abuse, environmental health and quackery are included. Offered Occasionally.

HED 205 Cr.3

Introduction to Health and Wellness Education

Introductory concepts related to the field of health education are examined. Basic principles, philosophies, and issues related to school health and community health education are presented. This course serves as an entry level course for both the school and community health tracks. Offered Occasionally.

+HED 207 Cr.3

Youth Health Issues

This exploratory course is designed to identify the health issues that affect youth throughout various stages of their development. Societal institutions that support the healthy growth and development of youth will be identified, while students consider strategies that enable the healthy mental/emotional, physical, and social development of today’s youth between the ages of 4-18. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 210 Cr.3

Foundations of Health Education

This course explores introductory concepts related to the field of health education. Basic principles, philosophies, and issues related to health education are presented. In addition, health education as a career option is examined and the role of the health educator in numerous settings discussed. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 230 Cr.2

Nutrition for Fitness and Health

This course examines basic principles of nutrition and the implications and effects of these principles on one’s diet, fitness level, and thus one’s health. Methods for teaching nutrition principles to various age groups will be emphasized. Offered Occasionally.

HED 250 Cr.1-3

Health Education Forum

Examination of current issues and problems in health education. Varying topics selected to extend the students' knowledge in contemporary health issues, as determined by the Health Education Department. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Offered Occasionally.

HED 320 Cr.3

The U.S. Health Care System

This course provides an overview and a developmental summary of the U.S. health care system and its driving forces and offers comparisons to other national health systems. Content includes major elements of the health care system and a consideration of today’s major health policy issues in a historical, economic, and political context. The course will also explore current issues confronting the health care system, raise important concerns and questions related to the different approaches to health care delivery, and identify key ethical issues. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 345 Cr.3

Issues in Mental and Emotional Health

This course examines the determinants of emotional and mental health which form a basis for health and healthy choices. A variety of constructs including, but not limited to resiliency, family and social processes, self-concept and learning that form the foundation for emotional and mental health will be presented and discussed. Students will be encouraged to deepen their commitment to effective teaching and learning. Prerequisite: HED 210 or admitted to EC-MC or MC-EA Certification. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 409/509 Cr.1

Stress Management and Relaxation Skills

An introduction to the detrimental effects of stress on an individual and the corresponding benefits of regular relaxation. This course will emphasize the basic skills of relaxation and will provide an experience that focuses on the practical application of these skills in one’s life. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 412/512 Cr.3

Women's Health Issues

This course will provide an opportunity for participants to identify major health issues confronting women today and to examine appropriate health prevention and health promotion lifestyle choices. It will explore health issues from the traditional medical model to the holistic model and provide a comprehensive overview of critical, contemporary women's health issues. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered Occasionally.

HED 425/525 Cr.3

Violence and Injury Prevention

Participants will review the major forces leading to violent behavior and injury in the United States and globally. Trends over time will be carefully reviewed and analyzed in order to detect risk factors and protective factors. Violence and injury prevention strategies will be reviewed, resulting in the development of prevention and intervention proposals using community-based programming and curriculum development strategies. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 441 Cr.3

Human Disease Prevention and Control

Presentations by medical experts in the recent progress in disease prevention and control. Knowledge of many disease processes and treatments will be discussed. Primarily designed for prospective health educators, to explore in depth, selected topic areas of communicable and chronic diseases. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered Occasionally.

HED 467/567 Cr.1-2

Experiential Learning Strategies for Health Education

This course examines emerging educational processes, strategies, and issues and how they can be applied in the facilitation of health education and health promotion programs in the school and/or community setting. Topics will vary per offering and target audience. Prerequisite: HED 210 or teacher certification; junior standing. Offered Occasionally.

HED 469/569 Cr.3

Drugs, Society and Human Behavior

This course is directed at introducing social, psychological, pharmacological, and cultural aspects of drug use, misuse, and abuse. In addition, the methods, materials, and theories of drug abuse prevention in the school and community will be introduced. Prerequisite: BIO 100 or BIO 105; junior standing. Offered Spring.

HED 471/571 Cr.2

Health Education Responsibilities, Competency and Certification

Participants will have the opportunity to review the National Health Educator Competencies Update Project research resulting in a hierarchical model that serves as a framework for the Responsibilities and Competencies comprising the Entry, Advanced 1, and Advanced 2 levels. Each one of the seven Responsibilities will be examined with practitioner examples, and a review will be conducted for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) national examination. Weekend and online formats. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered Occasionally.

HED 472/572 Cr.3

Sexual Health Promotion

A review of current information on health and human sexuality. Emphasis is given to biological, psychosocial and educational aspects of human sexuality with special emphasis on instructional activities related to interpersonal communication, decision-making ability and clarification of values. This course is taught largely at an undergraduate level. Graduate students will have additional course requirements/expectations. Prerequisite: ESS 205 or BIO 312; ESS 206 or BIO 313; or admitted to EC-MC or MC-EA Certification; and junior standing. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 473/573 Cr.3

Health Aspects of Aging

An exploration of the lifelong aging process and an examination of health factors affecting the elderly. Emphasis is given to the changes in a variety of health areas including, but not limited to, physical activity, nutrition, mental health, long-term care, sexuality, and death, dying and grief. The course will also include a service-learning component. This course is taught largely at an undergraduate level. Graduate students will have additional course requirements/expectations. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 474/574 Cr.3

Nutrition Education

Basic principles of nutrition are covered as well as current problems and topics regarding both personal and world nutrition today. Designed for the public school teacher, the community health educator, or those in related fields. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered Fall, Spring.

HED 485/585 Cr.1-3

Confrontations of Death

This course is designed to allow students to consider death both generally and on an individual basis. Various programs and experiences will be used to help individuals confront their own mortality and its relationship with the vitality of life. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered Occasionally.

HED 495/595 Cr.1-3

Independent Study in Health Education

Individualized study of areas not available in existing courses. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: junior standing. Consent of department. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

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