Marketing (MKT) - Graduate Courses


MKT 700 Cr.2

Marketing Principles

Marketing is the business function that identifies customer needs and wants, determines which target markets the organization can best serve, and designs appropriate products and services to serve those markets. The goal of marketing is to create customer satisfaction profitably by building value-laden relationships with customers. The goal of this course is to develop students' analytical ability and managerial perspective in the planning of comprehensive marketing programs. Prerequisite: This course is an internet MBA foundation course. Offered Annually.

MKT 749 Cr.3

Seminar in Marketing

An advanced course in marketing devoted to the exploration of new developments in marketing theory and investigation of marketing problems. Offered Occasionally.

MKT 797 Cr.1-3

Independent Study

Individual reading or research under the guidance of a staff member. Registration with consent of the student's regular advisor, the instructor, and the department chairperson. Approval form available in the office of the Dean of the College of Business Administration. Form must be completed prior to registration. Repeatable for credit - maximum three. Prerequisite: admission to the MBA Program with a minimum 3.50 cum GPA; completed a minimum of 21 credits in the MBA Program. Consent of instructor. Offered Annually.