Educational Studies (EDS) - Graduate Courses


EDS 400/500 Cr.1-3

Continuing Education Professional Development

This course provides continuing education opportunities for Educational Professionals on a wide variety of topics. Topics selected for this course will mirror current trends and professional development interests of individual school district or educational institution. Varying topics will be offered with a specific title assigned to each. This course is open to professionals practicing in the education field and offered through the Extended Learning Office (UWLEX). Repeatable for credit with a different topic. EDS 400/500 credits cannot be used toward any Department of Educational Studies undergraduate or graduate programs. Consent of department. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

EDS 475/575 Cr.1-3

Educational Studies Special Topics

The purpose of this course is to provide opportunities for teacher candidates or aspiring teachers to gain experience and knowledge for education topics. This course is taught largely at an undergraduate level. Graduate students will have additional course requirements/expectations. Repeatable for credit - maximum 18. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

EDS 712 Cr.3

Critical Issues in Reading for School Psychologists

The course is designed to develop competence in determining causes and degrees of reading disabilities, recommending specific corrective or remedial instruction to meet specific needs for students. This course will help reading professionals to investigate important factors of achievement gap in literacy learning and incorporate effective research-based modifications for diverse learners. The course content also focuses on practitioner inquiry, reflective practice, and the evolving concept of literacy shaped by the following trends: culturally responsive literacy curriculum, critical literacy, and new literacies. Prerequisite: SPY 752; taken concurrently with SPY 763; admission to School Psychology Program. Offered Fall.