Recreation Management Major: Tourism and Event Management Emphasis - Bachelor of Science (BS)

The tourism and event management emphasis is for students interested in creating and managing visitor experiences. Whether it is managing a resort, promoting a destination, leading adventure tours, or planning events, a career in tourism is about helping others enjoy their travel and event experience as much as you enjoy your own. Students pursuing a tourism and event management emphasis will gain an understanding of visitor motivations and behaviors, destination marketing and development, event coordination, and sustainable tourism practices.

Potential careers:

  • Event Facility Sales & Event Manager
  • Festival Manager
  • Events Coordinator
  • Event Planner (e.g., weddings)
  • Destination Marketing Director
  • Hotel Manager
  • Resort General Manager
  • Theme Park General Manager
  • Cruise Ship Director
  • Tour & Travel Guide

(College of Science and Health)

56 credits (69 total credits including interdisciplinary requirements)

Core requirements
REC 150Leisure, Quality of Life, and Well Being3
REC 301Leadership and Programming in Recreation3
REC 306Environmental Ethics, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources3
REC 317Experiential Facilitation in Recreation3
REC 325Leisure in a Diverse Society3
REC 340Evaluation Methods and Practices3
REC 351Civic Engagement in the Recreation Profession3
REC 390Principles of Management in Recreation3
REC 400Planning for Park and Recreation Facilities3
REC 402Risk Management in Leisure Service Organizations3
REC 440Professional Wellness in Contemporary Leisure Services1
REC 449Internship/Professional Preparation 11
REC 450Internship12
Total Credits44
Interdisciplinary requirements
ECO 110Microeconomics and Public Policy3
ENG 307Writing for Management, Public Relations and the Professions3
MKT 309Principles of Marketing3
STAT 145Elementary Statistics4
Total Credits13

Tourism emphasis

REC 320Introduction to Tourism3
REC 420Revenue Management in Leisure Enterprises3
REC 445Meetings, Conventions, and Event Planning3
One additional course from the following:3
Sustainable Tourism Development
Total Credits12

Other Requirements

  1. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.00 or greater to enter the program.
  2. Prior to enrollment in REC 449 Internship/Professional Preparation (1 cr.), majors must complete two 50-hour professional experiences. These are non-class field experiences at recreation management agencies.
  3. Before enrolling in REC 450, all required REC courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better; and the student must have a cumulative UWL GPA of at least 2.50.
  4. In order to graduate, students must have a "C" or better in REC 450.
  5. Students may only complete one emphasis area. Declare the major with emphasis choice in the College of Science and Health Academic Services Office, 105 Graff Main Hall.

All students must complete the general education, college core (waived for recreation management majors), major/minor, and university degree requirements in order to qualify for a degree. The easiest way to track all of these requirements is to refer to the Advisement Report (AR) found in the Student Information System (WINGS) Student Center. All enrolled students have access to the AR.  

Baccalaureate degree requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degrees must accomplish the following:

  1. Fulfill the general education requirements.
  2. Complete at least one ethnic studies (diversity) course.
  3. Complete the courses prescribed by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for the degree desired in the respective school or college. (No substitutions for graduation may be made in course requirements for a major or minor after the fourth week of the last semester of the senior year.)
  4. Earn a minimum of 120 semester credits with at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA.1, 2
  5. At least 40 credits must be earned in 300/400 level courses. Transfer courses earned or transferred at the 300/400 level apply to this requirement.
  6. Complete major and minor requirements with at least a 2.00 GPA1, 2 in each major and minor (and concentration or emphasis, if selected).
  7. A minimum of 30 semester credits in residence at UWL is required for graduation. (See undergraduate resident requirement.)
  8. Submit an application for graduation via the "Apply for Graduation" link in the WINGS Student Center as soon as the student has registered for his or her final semester or summer term in residence. December and winter intersession graduates should apply by May 1. May and summer graduates should apply by December 1.

No degree will be awarded unless all requirements are fulfilled and recorded within 30 days after the official ending date of each term.

Below is a sample degree plan that can be used as a guide to identify courses required to fulfill the major and other requirements needed for degree completion. A student's actual degree plan may differ depending on the course of study selected (second major, minor, etc.). Also, this sample plan assumes readiness for each course and/or major plan, and some courses may not be offered every term. Review the course descriptions or the class timetable for course offering information.

The sample degree plans represented in this catalog are intended for first-year students entering UWL in the fall term. Students should use the Advisement Report (AR) in WINGS and work closely with their faculty advisor(s) and college dean’s office to ensure declaration and completion of all requirements in a timely manner.

General Education Program
The general education curriculum (Gen Ed) is the common educational experience for all undergraduates at UWL. Sample degree plans include Gen Ed placeholders to ensure completion of the general education requirements. Courses may be rearranged to fit the needs or recommendations of the student’s program of study. Gen Ed courses may be taken during winter term (January between the semesters) and summer to reduce the course load during regular terms (fall and spring). Students should consult with their advisor and/or the college academic services director in their college/school for assistance with course and schedule planning. Refer to the general education requirements for more specific details.

At least 40 credits of the 120 credits required must be earned at the 300/400-level. 

Note: New students and transfer students with 15 or fewer credits earned are required to take FYS 100 First-Year Seminar (3 cr.) during one of their first two semesters at UWL.

This sample degree plan does not establish a contractual agreement. It identifies the minimum requirements a student must successfully complete, to qualify for a degree, in a format intended to assist the student in planning their academic career. Actual degree plans may differ.

This major is exempt from the CSH College Core requirement. 

Year 1
REC 150 (Gen Ed Health & Well-Being)3ENG 110 (Gen Ed Literacy-Written)3
CST 110 (Gen Ed Literacy-Oral)3STAT 145 (Gen Ed Math)4
Gen Ed Arts2-3ECO 110 (Gen Ed Self & Society)3
Gen Ed Minority Cultures3FYS 100 (Gen Ed First-Year Seminar)3
Gen Ed World History3Gen Ed Arts2-3
 15 15
Year 2
REC 3013REC 3173
REC 3253REC 3203
Gen Ed Natural Lab Science4ENG 3073
Gen Ed Humanistic Studies3Gen Ed Global Studies3
University Elective3University Elective3
 16 15
Year 3
REC 3063REC 345 or 405 (Tourism Emphasis Elective)3
REC 3403REC 3513
REC 3903MKT 3093
REC 4203Gen Ed Lang/Logical System3
University Elective3University Elective4
 15 16
Year 4
REC 4003REC 45012
REC 4023 
REC 4401 
REC 4453 
REC 4491 
University Elective3 
University Elective2 
 16 12
Total Credits: 120