Ethnic and Racial Studies Minor

(All colleges)

18 credits

ERS 100Introduction to Ethnic and Racial Studies3
ERS 220Introduction to Ethnic and Racial Stereotypes in the Media3
ERS 351Ethnic and Racial Relations3
ERS 490Ethnic and Racial Studies Seminar3
Select six credits of the following:6
Hmong Americans
Intercultural Communication
Communication and Race
Multicultural Literature of the United States
Literature of Black America
African American Authors
Literature of American Ethnic and Minority Cultures
Latino Literature in English
Introduction to Wisconsin Indians
Topics and Symposium in Minority Studies
Music of Black America
Race, Ethnicity, and Sport
Exploring White Privilege
Food and Race in the United States
Muslims in the United States
Multiracial and Multicultural Identities
Individual Study in Ethnic and Racial Studies
Ethnic America
Native American History
Latinos in the United States: 1450-2000
20th Century Civil Rights Movement
American Indian Thought
Multicultural Philosophy in the United States
Identity Politics
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Culture and Mental Health
Cross Cultural Human Development
Multicultural Counseling
Racism and Oppression
Prejudice and Stigma
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
American Indian Contemporary Issues
American Indians and the Environment
Multicultural U.S. Plays: Acting the Text
Women's Diversity: Race, Class, and Culture
Total Credits18

All ERS or ERS cross-listed courses can be used as electives in the minor. At least nine credits must be at the 300/400 level. Students may not apply courses used on their major to the ERS minor.