2019-2020 Catalog

Publication date June 2019

Psychology Honors Program

The psychology honors program is a nine-credit, multi-semester sequence that starts spring semester, designed to give qualified students the opportunity to design and conduct independent psychological research under the supervision of a faculty adviser. Traditionally, students complete the program in three semesters, the first semester in the spring of their junior year and the remaining two semesters during their senior year. The Honors Seminar (PSY 489) is only offered in the spring and the application for the honors program is due in mid-November each fall semester. The honors program has two tracks: (1) one for all eligible psychology majors, and (2) one for psychology majors in the McNair Scholars Program.

Requirements for admission to the program:

  1. Junior standing (during PSY 489 Honors Seminar)
  2. Completion of PSY 100, PSY 331, STAT 145 before beginning Honors Seminar. PSY 420 before PSY 489 or concurrently with PSY 489
  3. 3.25 cumulative grade point average in psychology courses
  4. A cumulative overall grade point average of 3.00
  5. Recommendation from two faculty members, one of whom must be a psychology instructor
  6. Completion of an application to the program1

Requirements for earning a degree with honors in psychology are:

  1. Completion of psychology major
  2. 3.50 cumulative grade point average in psychology courses2
  3. A cumulative overall grade point average of 3.252
  4. Completion of PSY 489 Honors Seminar and completion and presentation of three credits in PSY 482 Honors Projects in Psychology , of which at least one PSY 482 credit must be completed in the candidate's last semester, OR successful completion of a McNair1 psychology-related project associated with at least one credit of PSY 481 or PSY 482.

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