2017-18 Catalog

Publication date June 2017

French Minor

(All colleges)

21 credits above FRE 201, distributed as followed:

Communication category 12
Intermediate French II
Visual Encounters
Sound, Speech, and Proficiency
French for Professional Communication
Connections category 3
At least one from the list below:
Exploring the Story
French Cinema
French Literary Voices in English 1
Studies in French/Francophone Literature
Culture category 3
At least one from the list:
Perspectives on French Civilization
French without Borders
France and the Francophone World 1
Practice in Translation
French Connections
National/International Intern Program
Honors Seminar in French
Independent Study
Independent Study
Total Credits21

FRE 220 or FRE 395 may count towards the minor, but not both.

Students may take up to 6 credits abroad for their French minor after studying abroad for a period of 12-16 weeks. 

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