2016-17 Catalog

Publication date June 2016

History Minor with Topical Emphasis

(All colleges, excluding teacher certification programs)

24 credits

Core requirements
HIS 200Historiography and Historical Methods3
Select two of the following:6
Survey of the United States
Survey of Ancient and Medieval Worlds
Survey of Modern Europe
The Asian World
Survey of the Middle East
Survey of Modern African History
Topical emphasis
Select one of the three emphases, with no more than six credits of that 15 coming from disciplines outside the Department of History (see below)15
Total Credits24

Topical emphasis:

Cultural and social history

HIS 311Peace and War3
HIS 387African Novels and History3
HIS 392History Through Film3
HIS 397Social History of African Nationalist Movements3
HIS 398Social History of Colonial Africa3
HIS 404Migration and Empire3
HIS 405The Migration Experience: 1600-present3
HIS 406Topics in Social History3
HIS 407Government and Society3
HIS 4123
HIS 413Topics in Cultural History3
HIS 450History Internship/Field Experience3-12
ENG 301Foundations for Literary Studies4
ENG 348Studies in Film Literature4
WGS 2103
WGS 373Gender and Human Rights3
WGS/SOC 375Lesbian Studies3
ART 251Art History I: History of Art & Visual Culture3
ART 252Art History II: Global, Local, and Contemporary Art3
ART 301World Art3

Public and policy history

HIS 320Introduction to Public and Policy History3
HIS 322History of Public Education in United States3
HIS 391History of Environmental Policy in the United States3
HIS 393Material Culture3
HIS 4033
HIS 407Government and Society3
HIS 450History Internship/Field Experience3-12
PUB 210Introduction to Public Administration3
PUB 330Public Policy3
PUB 334Health Policy3
PUB 338Environmental Policy3
GEO 385Introduction to Geographic Information System and Science 13
ENG 314Grant Writing 13
ENG 327Publishing in a Digital Age 13
ENG 335Introduction to Professional Writing 13
ARC 300Cultural Resources Management 13

Technical skills courses: Students are encouraged to complete three credits or more from this subset of courses.

Religious studies

HIS 205Ethics and Religion3
HIS 326Modern Christianity3
HIS 327History of Buddhism3
HIS 328History of Hinduism3
HIS 329History of Islam3
HIS 330History of Religions3
HIS 333Christianity to 15173
HIS 401History and Japanese Religions3
HIS 415Religious Conflict in Modern South Asia3
HIS 450History Internship/Field Experience3-12
SOC 315Religion and Society3
ANT 320Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies3
WGS 330/SOC 399Topics: Women, Gender, and Society1-3
PHL 310Metaphysics3
PHL 331Philosophy of Religion3
PHL 336International Multicultural Philosophy3
PHL 349Asian Philosophy3
PHL 352Chinese Philosophy3
PHL 360Zen Buddhism3
PHL 431Advanced Philosophy of Religion3
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