2016-17 Catalog

Publication date June 2016

History Minor with Regional Emphasis

(All colleges, excluding teacher certification programs)

24 credits

Core requirements
HIS 200Historiography and Historical Methods3
Select one of the following:3
Survey of the United States
Survey of Ancient and Medieval Worlds
Survey of Modern Europe
The Asian World
Survey of the Middle East
Survey of Modern African History
Global-Transregional/Religions electives
Select three credits from the following:3
Ancient Literate Civilizations
Peace and War
History of Feminist Thought
Modern Christianity
History of Buddhism
History of Hinduism
History of Islam
History of Religions
Christianity to 1517
Sugar, Coffee, Rubber, Bananas: Commodities in World History
Origins of Cities
History of Women in the Ancient World
History and Japanese Religions
Migration and Empire
The Migration Experience: 1600-present
Religious Conflict in Modern South Asia
Selected focus area
Select 12 credits from one focus area (see below lists)12
Select three credits of electives from HIS 200, 300 or 400 level courses (excluding HIS 490)3
Total Credits24

European focus

HIS 312Peoples and Cultures of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union3
HIS 314The Holocaust3
HIS 331The Ancient Greek World3
HIS 332Ancient Rome and the Mediterranean3
HIS 333Christianity to 15173
HIS 339Russia and the Soviet Union3
HIS 346The Middle Ages3
HIS 348Renaissance and Reformation3
HIS 349Twentieth Century Europe3
HIS 350Episodes in French History3
HIS 351History of France: 1750-Present3
HIS 352Germany: 1848-19893
HIS 354Spain to 17003
HIS 355England to 16033
HIS 358French Revolution3
HIS 359Women, Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe3
HIS 373World War I3
HIS 414History of Modern Ireland3

Asian focus

HIS 316Vietnam War3
HIS 334Aspects of Chinese History3
HIS 335History of China3
HIS 363Modern South Asia3
HIS 364Gandhi's India3
HIS 382Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific3
HIS 383Women in South Asia3
HIS 384The Idea of Asia3
HIS 394Modern Japanese History3
HIS 395Postwar Japanese History3
HIS 401History and Japanese Religions3
HIS 415Religious Conflict in Modern South Asia3

United States focus

HIS 301Women in the Modern United States: 1890-Present3
HIS 305History of Motherhood in the United States3
HIS 306Ethnic America3
HIS 308U.S. Reform Movements3
HIS 310Native American History3
HIS 313Colonial & Revolutionary America3
HIS 316Vietnam War3
HIS 317American Environmental History3
HIS 318Exhibition Development and Design I3
HIS 319Seminar in Twentieth Century America3
HIS 320Introduction to Public and Policy History3
HIS 321Wisconsin History3
HIS 322History of Public Education in United States3
HIS 323World War II3
HIS 324Civil War and Reconstruction3
HIS 325America in the Cold War3
HIS 336Hispanics in the United States3
HIS 343U.S. Borderlands3
HIS 345U.S. - Latin American Relations3
HIS 357Crime and Punishment in America3
HIS 377U.S. Labor History3
HIS 370The History of Black Women's Activism3
HIS 378History of the U.S. West3
HIS 390Public History Research3
HIS 391History of Environmental Policy in the United States3
HIS 393Material Culture3
HIS 40920th Century Civil Rights Movement3
HIS 41120th Century African American Urban History3

Latin American focus

HIS 341Nineteenth Century Latin America3
HIS 342Twentieth Century Latin America3
HIS 344Colonial Latin America3
HIS 345U.S. - Latin American Relations3
HIS 347A History of Greater Mexico3
HIS 353Maya Civilization3
HIS 356History of Mexico3
HIS 360Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America3

Middle Eastern focus

HIS 329History of Islam3
HIS 361Israeli-Palestinian Conflict3
HIS 362Human Rights and the Middle East3
HIS 365Ancient Iraq3
HIS 366Ancient Israel3
HIS 367Ancient Egypt3
HIS 368History of Babylonian Language and Culture I3
HIS 369History of Babylonian Language and Culture II3
HIS 374Ancient Turkey3
HIS 375Iran before Islam3
HIS 389Women and Gender in the Middle East3
HIS 396Ancient Syria3

Africa and African diaspora focus

HIS 379African Environmental History3
HIS 380Beyond Rwanda: War and Genocide in Africa's Great Lakes3
HIS 381Health and Healing in African History3
HIS 385Modern African History3
HIS 386Women and Gender in Africa3
HIS 387African Novels and History3
HIS 397Social History of African Nationalist Movements3
HIS 398Social History of Colonial Africa3
HIS 40920th Century Civil Rights Movement3
ARC 312African Archaeology3
ARC/ANT 357Peoples and Cultures of Africa3
GEO 312Geography of Africa3
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