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Publication date June 2018

Health and Wellness Management Major - Bachelor of Science (BS)

The Health and Wellness Management Program is a 63 credit collaborative (UW-River Falls, UW-Superior, UW-Stevens Point, and UW-La Crosse) online degree completion program.


Students should have completed 60 credits or earned an Associate degree in order to enroll in the program. Students will need to have satisfied UW System minimum general education breadth requirements as stipulated in the UW System Associate Degree Transfer Policy. Prerequisites for admission will be Introduction to Biology, Introductory Communications, English Composition, and Introduction to Psychology, or their equivalents, passed with grades of "C" or better. Each student must identify a home campus (River Falls, Superior, Stevens Point, La Crosse) and will apply to that campus; upon acceptance the student will be subject to all graduation requirements of that campus.

Students enrolled in the Health and Wellness Management Program will be exempt from the College of Science and Health curriculum core.

Required coursework

(College of Science and Health)

63 credits

HWM 300Introduction to Human Health3
HWM 305The Wellness Profession3
HWM 310Changes Across the Lifespan3
HWM 315Resource Management for Wellness Managers3
HWM 320Health and Medical Terminology3
HWM 325Health Literacy3
HWM 335Worksite Health Environment3
HWM 345Physical Activity and Nutrition for Wellness Managers3
HWM 350Research and Statistics for Wellness Managers3
HWM 360Stress, Dependencies, and Addictions3
HWM 370Understanding and Effecting Health Behavior Change3
HWM 385Marketing and Communication for Wellness Managers3
HWM 405Survey of Information Technology in Wellness3
HWM 430Population Health for Wellness Managers3
HWM 460Leadership and Change Management in Health3
HWM 470Assessment and Evaluation for Wellness Managers3
HWM 475Employee Health and Well-Being3
HWM 480Employee Benefits for Wellness Managers3
HWM 485Health Coaching for Wellness Managers3
HWM 496Health and Wellness Capstone 16
Total Credits63

All students must complete the general education, college core (waived for health and wellness management majors), major/minor, and university degree requirements in order to qualify for a degree. The easiest way to track all of these requirements is to refer to the Advisement Report (AR) found in the Student Information System (WINGS) Student Center. All enrolled students have access to the AR.  

Baccalaureate degree requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degrees must accomplish the following:

  1. Fulfill the general education requirements.
  2. Complete at least one ethnic studies (diversity) course.
  3. Complete the courses prescribed by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for the degree desired in the respective school or college. (No substitutions for graduation may be made in course requirements for a major or minor after the fourth week of the last semester of the senior year.)
  4. Earn a minimum of 120 semester credits with at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA.1 At least 40 credits must be earned in 300/400 (senior college) level courses. Courses earned at the 100/200 level that transferred to UWL as 300/400 level courses do not apply to this requirement nor do courses from two-year schools.
  5. Complete major and minor requirements with at least a 2.00 GPA1 in each major and minor (and concentration or emphasis, if selected).
  6. A minimum of 30 semester credits in residence at UWL is required for graduation. (See undergraduate resident requirement.)
  7. Submit an application for graduation via the "Apply for Graduation" link in the WINGS Student Center as soon as the student has registered for his or her final semester or summer term in residence. December and winter intersession graduates should apply by May 1. May and summer graduates should apply by December 1.

No degree will be awarded unless all requirements are fulfilled and recorded within 30 days after the official ending date of each term.

Below is a sample degree plan that can be used as a guide to identify courses required to fulfill the major and other requirements needed for degree completion. A student's actual degree plan may differ depending on the course of study selected (second major, minor, etc.). Also, this sample plan assumes readiness for each course and/or major plan, and some courses may not be offered every term. Review the course descriptions or the class timetable for course offering information.

The sample degree plans represented in this catalog are intended for first-year students entering UWL in the fall term. Students should use the Advisement Report (AR) in WINGS and work closely with their faculty advisor(s) and college dean’s office to ensure declaration and completion of all requirements in a timely manner.

General Education Program
The general education curriculum (Gen Ed) is the common educational experience for all undergraduates at UWL. Sample degree plans include Gen Ed placeholders to ensure completion of the general education requirements. Courses may be rearranged to fit the needs or recommendations of the student’s program of study. Gen Ed courses may be taken during winter term (January between the semesters) and summer to reduce the course load during regular terms (fall and spring). Students should consult with their advisor and/or the college academic services director in their college/school for assistance with course and schedule planning. Refer to the general education requirements for more specific details.

Note: at least 40 credits of the 120 credits required must be earned at the 300/400 level.

This sample degree plan does not establish a contractual agreement. It identifies the minimum requirements a student must successfully complete, to qualify for a degree, in a format intended to assist the student plan their academic career. Actual degree plans may differ.

This major is exempt from the CSH College Core requirement. 

Year 1
Students should have completed 60 credits or earned an Associate degree in order to enroll in the program60 HWM 3153HWM 3353
HWM 3003HWM 3203HWM 3453
HWM 3053HWM 3253 
HWM 3103  
 69 9 6
Year 2
HWM 3503HWM 3853HWM 4053
HWM 3603HWM 4303HWM 4703
HWM 3703HWM 4603 
 9 9 6
Year 3
HWM 4753HWM 4966 
HWM 4803  
HWM 4853  
 9 6  
Total Credits: 123
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