2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

Spanish Education Minor (Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence Certification)

Spanish advising

Students should consult with an advisor in the Department of Modern Languages regarding their individual plan of study. Students planning to pursue graduate studies in Spanish need to be aware of special requirements.

Spanish policy of transfer of study abroad credits

The following policy applies to all Spanish credits taken abroad. Students may transfer the following credits per term from study abroad experiences:

Winter term:
4 weeks: 4-5 credits

Summer term:
4 weeks: 4-5 credits
6 weeks: 6-8 credits
8 weeks: 8-10 credits
10 weeks: 8-10 credits

Fall/Spring semester term:
12-16 weeks: 12 credits (Exceptions may be allowed for partner programs.)

In the case of one year study abroad, there is a maximum of 16 credits which students majoring in Spanish can take abroad and apply to the major (nine credits applicable for minors). Credits taken in excess of that can be transferred to UWL as university elective credit.

(Teacher certification programs)

27 credits

Bridge course:
SPA 300Oral Proficiency Through Grammar Review4
300 level Language and literature courses:
SPA 305Introduction to Hispanic Literature3
SPA 330Advanced Grammar and Syntax3
SPA 331Spanish Phonetics3
300 level culture and civilization courses:
SPA 308Cultures and Civilizations of the Spanish Speaking World3
SPA 320Spanish Civilization3
SPA 321Spanish American Civilization3
SPA 326Current Events1
Spanish language education course:
SPA 427Spanish Grammar for Teachers1
Language education (three credits in teaching methods):
MLG 473Teaching World Languages: From Early Childhood to Early Adolescence (elementary and middle school licensure in a modern language)3
Total Credits27

Note: MC-EA teacher education candidates are encouraged to work toward or complete a Spanish major. Consult with a Spanish education advisor if you plan to major in Spanish education.

Study abroad requirement:
  1. All students should consult with their advisor in Spanish regarding specific requirements for study abroad.
  2. MC-EA program/major candidates are required to complete a minimum of 10 weeks (14 weeks or a full semester are recommended) abroad in a program approved by the Department of Modern Languages; all students must consult with their modern language advisor before committing to a specific study abroad program.
  3. Students are required to complete SPA 300 Oral Proficiency Through Grammar Review (4 cr.), SPA 308 Cultures and Civilizations of the Spanish Speaking World (3 cr.) and one other 3 credit 300-level course before studying abroad. Up to 13 credits may be taken abroad at a site approved by the Department of Modern Languages, or on approved faculty-led programs.
Proficiency requirement:

Prior to student teaching, teacher candidates are required to

  1. Demonstrate proficiency with an "Intermediate High" rating on the American Council Teaching of Foreign Languages Oral Proficiency test in Spanish (ACTFL-OPIc) and
  2. Demonstrate proficiency with an "Intermediate High" rating on the American Council Teaching of Foreign Languages Written Proficiency test in Spanish (ACTFL-WPT internet).
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