2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

German Studies Education Minor (Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence Certification)

(Teacher certification programs: middle childhood-early adolescence) 

27 credits

Bridge course:
GER 300Advanced German3
300 level language and literature courses:
GER 301An Introduction to German Literature3
Select six credits of the following:6
German Conversation and Composition
German Grammar and Composition
German Conversation and Phonetics
Or equivalent courses from study abroad
300 level core culture and civilization courses:
GER 320German Civilization: 1870-Reunification3
GER 326Current Events1
Select three credits of the following:3
German Civilization: 1989-Present
Or equivalent course from study abroad
Select electives at the 300/400 level in German 15
Language education (3 credits in teaching methods):
MLG 473Teaching World Languages: From Early Childhood to Early Adolescence (elementary and middle school licensure in a modern language)3
Total Credits27

MC-EA teacher education candidates are encouraged to work toward or complete a German studies major. Consult with a German studies education advisor if you plan to major in German studies education.

Study abroad requirement:
  1. All students should consult with their advisor in German studies regarding specific requirements for study abroad.
  2. MC-EA program/major candidates are required to complete a minimum of 10 weeks (14 weeks or a full semester are recommended) abroad in a program approved by the Department of Modern Languages; all students must consult with their modern language advisor before committing to a specific study abroad program.
  3. German studies education MC-EA minors are required to complete the 300 level bridge course (GER 300) before studying abroad. Up to 13 credits may be taken abroad at a site approved by the Department of Modern Languages or on approved faculty-led programs.
  4. German studies education minors must take INS 251 during their study abroad program.
Proficiency requirement:

Prior to student teaching, teacher candidates are required to

  1. Demonstrate proficiency with an "Intermediate High"rating on the American Council Teaching of Foreign Languages Oral Proficiency test in German (ACTFL-OPIc) and
  2. Demonstrate proficiency with an "Intermediate High" rating on the American Council Teaching of Foreign Languages Written Proficiency test in German (ACTFL-WPT Internet).
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