2016-17 Catalog

Publication date June 2016

Geography Minor

(All colleges, excluding teacher certification programs)

26 credits

ESC 101Earth Environments4
GEO 110World Cultural Regions3
GEO 201Geography of United States and Canada3
Select one course in physical geography of the following:3
Global Warming and Climate Change
Introduction to Climate Systems
Landforms: Processes and Regions
Meteorology and Weather Forecasting
Soil Morphology and Genesis
Water Resources
Environmental Hazards and Land Use
Select one course in cultural geography of the following:3
Contemporary Global Issues
Population Geography
Economic Geography
Political Geography
Urban Geography
Transportation Geography
Sustainable Development and Conservation
Select one course in techniques of the following:3
Maps and GIS
Remote Sensing
Introduction to Geographic Information System and Science
Geographic Field Methods
Geographic Interpretation of Aerial Photographs
Spatial Data Analysis
Select one course in regional geography of the following:3
Geography of Wisconsin
Geography of Europe
Geography of Africa
The Geography of Latin America & the Caribbean
Geography of East and Southeast Asia
Geography of the Middle East, Central and South Asia
Earth's Polar Regions
Electives in geography4
Total Credits26
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