Environmental Studies Minor

(All colleges)

24 credits

ENV 201Introduction to Environmental Studies3
ENV 301Environmental Sustainability3
ENV 303Issues in Environmental Studies (can be repeated for a total of six credits)3
ENV 496Environmental Studies Capstone3
Select a minimum of three credits from each of the following three areas:9
Natural sciences (see below)
Social sciences (see below)
Arts and Humanities (see below)
May choose additional courses from any of the categories below as well as ENV 450 or ENV 499:
Total Credits24

Natural sciences

BIO 307Ecology3
BIO 341Limnology3
BIO 441Environmental Toxicology3
BIO 464Stream and Watershed Ecology3
BIO 473Marine Biology3
BIO 476Ecosystem Ecology3
CHM 412Aquatic and Soil Chemistry3
ESC 101Earth Environments4
ESC 211Global Warming and Climate Change3
GEO 200Conservation of Global Environments3
GEO 425Biogeography3
GEO 427Water Resources3
GEO 460Environmental Hazards3
MIC 350Bacterial Diversity3
MIC 434Aquatic Microbial Ecology3

Social sciences

ARC 404Environmental Archaeology3
ECO 346Environmental and Ecological Economics3
ESC 321Sustainable Development and Conservation3
PH 335Environmental Health3
PSY 302Environmental Issues: Applied Psychology3
PUB 338Environmental Policy3
REC 306Environmental Ethics, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources3
REC 345Ecotourism3
SOC 311Rural and Urban Communities3
SOC 328Environmental Sociology3
SOC 332Environmental Justice3
SOC/ERS 363American Indians and the Environment3

Arts and Humanities

ENG 387Literature and Environmental Action3
HIS 317American Environmental History3
HIS 321Wisconsin History3
HIS 338Sugar, Coffee, Rubber, Bananas: Commodities in World History3
HIS 379African Environmental History3
PHL 341Environmental Ethics3
PHL 425Wilderness Philosophy3

Some departments, because they offer several of their own courses for the environmental studies minor, limit the number of credits that their majors may apply to the environmental studies minor.

Biology majors may apply a maximum of six BIO credits at the 300/400 level to this minor.
Geography majors may apply a maximum of six GEO credits to this minor.
Health Education and Health Promotion majors may not apply PH 335 to this minor.
Sociology majors may apply a maximum of three SOC credits to this minor.