2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

English Education Minor

Writing minor restriction

(Teacher certification programs: early adolescence-adolescence, early childhood-adolescence, or middle childhood-early adolescence)

21-22 credits

Select three credits of the following:3
Prose Style and Editing
History of the English Language
Introduction to Linguistics: Sounds and Words
Introduction to Linguistics: Phrases and Sentences
Language Study for Teachers
Varieties of English
Topics in Linguistics
ENG 433Introduction to Teaching Writing3
Select three credits of the following:3
Advanced Composition
Writing in the Arts and Humanities
Creative Writing
Writing in Education
Writing for Management, Public Relations and the Professions
Technical Writing
Writing in the Sciences
ENG 301Foundations for Literary Studies3
ENG 341Pedagogical Approaches to Young Adult Literature3
Select three credits of the following:3
Shakespeare I
Shakespeare II
Early American Literature
Nineteenth Century American Literature
American Literature After 1900
Literature and Environmental Action
Certification/elective requirement3-4
Certification course (required for students seeking early adolescence-adolescence (EA-A) certification)
Teaching and Learning English in the Secondary School
Elective course (required for students not seeking EA-A certification)
Select 3 credits from any 300/400 level ENG courses except ENG 400, ENG 413, ENG 450, ENG 452, and ENG 484
Total Credits21-22

Courses listed in more than one category may be counted only once.

Additional teacher education requirements are listed in the STEP program core.

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