2017-18 Catalog

Publication date June 2017

Social Studies Education Minor (Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence)

The social studies minor provides teacher candidates with a broad exposure and study of the fields broadly associated social studies.  Candidates  take courses from a variety of departments to investigate areas including archeology, economics, history, geography, political science, and sociology.  Candidates also investigate local cooperatives and how they operate.

(Middle childhood-early adolescence)

25 credits

HIS 210Survey of the United States3
HIS 321Wisconsin History3
GEO 110World Cultural Regions3
or GEO 201 Geography of United States and Canada
ARC 100Archaeology: Discovering Our Past3
SOC 202Contemporary Global Issues3
POL 101American National Government3
POL 102State and Local Government3
ECO 110Microeconomics and Public Policy3
EFN 200Cooperatives1
Total Credits25
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