2019-2020 Catalog

Publication date June 2019

Child/Youth Care (CYC) - Courses


CYC 301 Cr.3

Overview of Child and Youth Care

As the overview course in the child and youth care minor, the class addresses current issues in the field of child and youth intervention. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, students will explore factors that place children and youth at risk. The class also provides a preliminary investigation of systems theory, program design, interventions, and advocacy. Prerequisite: A grade of "B" or better in PSY 212 (or transfer equivalent course) and fewer than 75 credits overall. Offered Annually.

CYC 310 Cr.3

Social Policy for Children and Families

This course is designed to examine current and proposed child and family policies. Specifically, the goals of the course are to enhance students' understanding of (a) the basics of child and family development and the complex nature of childhood risk and resilience; (b) current policies and safety net programs, particularly in the areas of child protection and family strengthening, their evolution over time, and their strengths and weaknesses; (c) recent reform efforts and new directions in policy; and (d) building community connections. Prerequisite: CYC 301; PSY 212. Offered Annually.

CYC 411 Cr.3

Family Systems Theory

This course focuses on the study of the family as a system. Students will examine developmental stages, life cycle patterns, and family interactions using a systems framework. The application of family systems theory to at-risk families will be discussed. Prerequisite: PSY 212. Offered Annually.

CYC 450 Cr.1-6

Internship in Child/Youth Care

An academically relevant field experience for students in the child/youth care emphasis. The internship must be at an approved site with substantial time devoted to work with children or adolescents at risk. The internship will be arranged through Career Services and supervised by a child/youth care emphasis affiliated faculty member. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: CYC 301; junior standing; 2.25 cumulative GPA. Consent of instructor. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

CYC 495 Cr.3

Capstone in Child Youth Care

This course is designed to review and unify basic concepts regarding the care of children and youth, particularly those considered "at-risk." Particular emphasis will be on the multi-level factors that impact the well being of children and youth, ethics and legal issues, diversity, and program assessment. A systems approach for understanding the vulnerable or at-risk youth will provide a broad framework and the course will be taught from a problem-based learning perspective. Prerequisite: CYC 301; junior standing; a minimum of 18 credits of the child/youth care course work completed. Offered Spring.

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