2018-2019 Catalog

Publication date June 2018

Curriculum and Instruction (CI) - Courses


CI 110 Cr.1

Tutoring Principles and Practice

Practical experience in tutoring area school students prior to, during, or after school sessions as arranged in cooperation with campus and approved community agencies. Repeatable for credit - maximum two. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Occasionally.

CI 381/581 Cr.1

Environmental Education Methods

This course is designed to develop an understanding of curricula, instructional methods and materials and evaluation techniques for K-12 level environmental education based upon educational research, contemporary practices and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recommended goals and expectations. Prerequisite: GEO 200; EDS 351 or EDS 402 or declared environmental studies minor. Offered Fall, Spring.

CI 461 Cr.3

Leadership for Elementary/Middle Science Education

This course is designed to augment teacher candidates’ basic understanding of science curriculum planning, teaching practices, student thinking, and assessment procedures for elementary and middle level classrooms. Special emphasis will be given to demonstrating leadership by participating in a professional learning community, integrated science learning, differentiation, funding an inquiry science program, and special programs to enhance and extend classroom science experiences for students. Prerequisite: EDS 402 or concurrent enrollment. Offered Fall.

CI 470/670 Cr.1-3

Symposium in Education

Studies in education of interest to specific groups. Varying topics will be offered at intervals with a specific title assigned to each. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Departmental option for pass/fail grading. Prerequisite: junior standing; admission to teacher education. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

CI/EFN 499 Cr.1-6

Individual Study

Reading and research in an area of student interest in education under the direction of an education instructor. Open to elementary and secondary education students with excellent records. Not open to students concurrently enrolled in EFN 499. Prerequisite: junior standing. (Cross-listed with CI/EFN; may earn six credits total in CI and EFN 499.) Consent of instructor. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

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