2016-17 Catalog

Publication date June 2016

Chinese (CHI) - Courses

+ next to a course number indicates a general education course


CHI 101 Cr.4

Elementary Chinese I

The first of two introductory courses in Chinese. The five language skills: listening, speaking, writing, reading and culture are introduced. Offered Fall.

+CHI 102 Cr.4

Elementary Chinese II

The second introductory course in Chinese comprehension, speaking, writing, reading, and culture. Prerequisite: CHI 101 or placement. Offered Spring.

+CHI 201 Cr.4

Intermediate Chinese I

The first of two intermediate-level Chinese courses. Students continue to develop all language skills with special emphasis placed on refining speaking and listening comprehension. Prerequisite: CHI 102 or placement. Offered Fall.

+CHI 202 Cr.4

Intermediate Chinese II

The second of two intermediate-level Chinese courses. Students continue to develop all language skills with special emphasis placed on refining reading and writing in Chinese. Prerequisite: CHI 201 or placement. Offered Spring.

CHI 301 Cr.3

Advanced Chinese

This is a Chinese language course for intermediate level learners who have completed CHI 202 or equivalent. Its aim is to help students continue to develop communicative competence in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing the Chinese language. While linguistic aspects of the Chinese language are the primary focus, introduction to the social and cultural background of the language will also form an important part of the course. Prerequisite: CHI 202 or equivalent. Offered Fall.

+CHI 305 Cr.3

Introduction to Modern Chinese Literature

This course provides a general survey of the most important Chinese writers of the 20th century and their works. Literary works are discussed in their social, cultural, and historical contexts. Taught in English and based entirely on translated texts, the course is ideal for students with little or no Chinese background who are nevertheless drawn to one of the most vibrant literary cultures in the world. Offered Spring - Even Numbered Years.

CHI 315 Cr.3

Business Chinese

This course is aimed to enhance students' language skills in a business context and to promote their understanding of culture and the business environment in contemporary China. Intensive practice in oral comprehension, speaking, writing, utilizing special, topical vocabulary related to international commerce and interaction in a variety of business settings. Prerequisite: CHI 202 or equivalent. Offered Fall - Even Numbered Years.

+CHI 320 Cr.3

Introduction to Chinese Civilization

This is a survey course covering the development of Chinese civilization from the beginnings to the 20th century. It introduces the evolution and continuities of this ancient culture seen through the lens of philosophy, religion, ritual, social relations, institutions, and achievements. This course is taught in English for students who want a basic appreciation of this important non-Western culture. No experience with the Chinese language or culture is required. Offered Spring - Odd Numbered Years.

CHI 326 Cr.1

Current Events

A weekly discussion of current events in the Chinese-speaking world, based on readings, web-based news sources and television broadcasts in the target language. Students may take as many times as desired, but only three credits will count towards major/minor. Prerequisite: CHI 202 or equivalent. Offered Fall, Spring.

CHI 398 Cr.1-3

Directed Studies

Individual reading and investigations in advanced Chinese study. Course materials will vary according to the needs and interests of students. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: CHI 202 or equivalent. Offered Occasionally.

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