2019-2020 Catalog

Publication date June 2019

Computational Science Minor

(All colleges, excluding teacher certification programs)

34-39 credits

CS 120Software Design I4
CS 220Software Design II4
CMP 390Survey of Computational Science3
CMP 490Senior Computational Science Project2-3
MTH 207Calculus I5
MTH 208Calculus II4
or STAT 405 Statistical Methods
Additional requirements:12-16
1. One two-semester introductory sequence in natural science (BIO, CHM, ESC or PHY)
2. Two courses in natural science (BIO, CHM, ESC, PHY) not from the same department as the preceding sequence
3. One computational science advanced elective from the student’s primary major department
4. One computational science advanced elective from outside the primary major department
Total Credits34-39
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