2017-18 Catalog

Publication date June 2017

Communication Studies Minor: Interpersonal Communication Emphasis

(All colleges, excluding teacher certification programs)

24 credits

CST 190Introduction to Communication Studies3
CST 230Interpersonal Communication3
CST 336Family Communication3
CST 430Advanced Topics in Interpersonal Communication3
Select at least three credits of the following:3
Nonverbal Communication
Intercultural Communication
Lying and Deception in Human Interaction
Gender Communication
Communication and Race
Sexuality and Romance in Media
Communication and Aging
Select nine credits of electives from each emphasis areas (see below)9
Total Credits24

Areas of emphasis:

Organizational & professional communication emphasis

CST 260Professional Communication3
CST 350Organizational Communication3
CST 351Interviewing: Principles and Processes3
CST 353Workplace Relationships3
CST 354Health Communication3
CST 355Diversity and Organizational Communication3
CST 358New Media and Technologies in Modern Organizations3
CST 360Public Relations3
CST 365Communication in Teams3
CST 380Communicating Leadership3

Advocacy & communication criticism emphasis

CST 210Presentational Speaking3
CST 310Debate3
CST 315Communication Criticism3
CST 410Advocacy and Argumentation3
CST 412Advocacy and Persuasion3
CST 413Advocacy and Persuasive Campaigns3
CST 415Advanced Topics in Advocacy and Communication Criticism3
CST 419Communication, Media and Identity3

Broadcast & digital media emphasis

CST 270Broadcast Announcing3
CST 271Contemporary Media in Everyday Life3
CST 274Television Production3
CST 370Broadcast Media Writing3
CST 372Audio Production3
CST 374Television Workshop3
CST 376Remote Video Operations3
CST 378Computer Mediated Communication3
CST 471Broadcast and Digital Media Management3
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